Rain Catchers

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Kernersville, NC

Every day, tens of thousands of children become ill from diseases like E.coli, cholera, and malnutrition. At minimum they cause financial strain, but tragically they often result in death. Almost all of these diseases are caused by drinking unsanitary water -- and they're 100-percent preventable.  The solution is easy: clean, safe water. This isn't a dream.

Clean water for all is possible.

Rain Catchersis promoting health while providing alternative energy and facilitating clean water sources. This is the backbone of what we do. We are directly addressing climate change, water, and food insecurity by adapting to each situation. Our systems are designed to create self-sustaining and long-standing examples. Rain Catchers' innovative practices include rain water harvesting, solar pumping from any water source, storm water management, UV filtration, solar energy, wind power, and complete sustainable agriculture. These are huge steps in reducing carbon footprints.
We are wholeheartedly dedicated to educating the public, economic stimulus, and creating jobs. Our systems are of great benefit to anyone, from any walk of life. Whether operating on a residential or commercial level, we have the ability to accommodate and design for impact.

The recognition of this award alone would help get the word out about natural resource sustainability, which is a newer concept to most. The funds would go toward creating more jobs and web development. If people were made aware of what we offer, the benefits would be astronomical, especially for those in need the most. Not only recognizing the potential to make a greener world, but also the impact of the work that Rain Catchers has already accomplished. We have been given the opportunity in Haiti and Nicaragua to provide for communities that have never had a clean source of running water.

Greenhouses, community gardens and drip irrigation applications increase the availability of healthful foods. Greenhouses go far beyond just growing food. By not relying on the use of fossil fuels to deliver food to you, they are helping the environment. With uncertainty in the world's food and water security, we are here to make lasting impacts by applying natural and highly reliable sources: the rain, sun and wind! 

Consideration for this award is a tremendous honor. 

We would love the opportunity to show the world how we can GROW for good.