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In the crooning voices of the Beach Boys: Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how. It’s summer and the world beckons, from surfing to gardening and campfires to fitness. Whatever your favorite sunny day pastimes, though, it’s important to apply your green living experience and consider things like waste, carbon footprint, toxic chemicals, and more. Fortunately, Green Business Network members have everything you need for sustainable summer fun, whether that’s hiking or taking it easy. 

These products and ideas will take your sustainable summer fun to the next level. 

Downward Dog and Sidewalk Art 

There are so many ways to have fun and pass the time in the summer. 

Podpoi. Sustainable Summer.

From the Māori people of New Zealand, poi is a juggling performing art, as well as the name of the equipment. Try it for yourself with Flow Toys’ Podpoi® v2. Flowtoys produces quality, sustainable LED products that are designed to be durable, and have a lifetime warranty. All our creations are rechargeable and we do not support single use plastics or novelty glow products, and do not believe in planned obsolescence.

Save the bees! felt book. Sustainable summer.

Take a little one out for a picnic with fresh watermelon and sunscreen and read Save The Bees!, a felt book from Daiseye. This adorable educational fabric book is 100% cotton and woven with yarn that is colored with AZO-free, PCP tested, eco-friendly dyes.

Woman wearing a recycled rolltop backpack and looking over her shoulder. Sustainable summer.

Take your hiking the recycled route with the Recycled Rolltop Backpack from Green Eco Dream. It's water resistant and made of 100% recycle plastic from the ocean.

Small, portable fire pit. Sustainable summer.
A pair of hands holding marshmallows on reusable skewers. Sustainable summer.

Have a s’mores party wherever you go with What’s Good’s portable fire pit (that only needs rubbing alcohol to work) and reusable marshmallow skewers made of bamboo.

Volleyball in natural sand. Sustainable summer.

Fill a sandbox or make your own beach volleyball court with Safe Sand Company’s natural beach sand or white sand that is washed and sifted beach sand, always harvested in its natural state.

Nomadic tipis to stay in. Sustainable summer.

Book a visit to Bend, Oregon’s Nomadics Tipi Makers for a meditative experience in traditional Sioux-designed tipis based on the premiere text, The Indian Tipi by the Laubins. 

Three giraffes on the savannah. Sustainable summer.

Treat yourself to a sustainable, culinary tour in locations around the world from Green Earth Travel

Woman doing yoga on a mat. She sits cross-legged and twists. Sustainable summer.

Go from Warrior 1 to Star Pose on EcoChoices’ cotton yoga mat, bolsters, or meditation cushions. 

A box of crayon rocks. Sustainable summer.

Get creative with a 16 set of crayon rocks in a cotton muslin bag from The Green Corner Store

Stay Safe in the Sustainable Summer Sun 

Part of the joy of summer is the hours of sunshine, but never underestimate the intensity of the sun. 

First, protect your skin with sustainable and non-toxic sunscreens. 

Sunscreen. Sustainable summer.

Sol Intense SPF 30, a 100% all natural sunscreen, from SMB Essentials.

An open lip balm laying on a table. Sustainable summer.

Comfrey Lip Balm from Super Salve, which contains organic ingredients to protect from the sun's rays.

Two women in neon pink and yellow one piece bathing suits, wearing visors, hold out mineral sunscreen. Sustainable summer.

Mineral Sport Sunscreen Spray and Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 from Green Eco Dream, made from non nano zinc oxide and botanical ingredients, as well as being reef safe.

You can also fight the heat with the right clothing and bedding options. 

A man and woman lie in a bed with a hemp duvet cover. Sustainable summer.

Avocado Green Mattress' organic hemp (one of the most sustainable textiles) sheets and duvet cover, which stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A woman wearing a colorful cap. Sustainable summer.
A woman wearing a headband and scrunchie. Sustainable summer.

Scrunchies and caps from Terra Natural Designs, made from vegan materials and ethically sourced.

A white man wearing a bucket hat and smiling. Sustainable summer.

The Ikat bucket hat from Lucia’s Imports, made from handwoven Guatemalan ikat fabric.

Work on Your Green Thumb 

Summer is a great time to start or continue gardening, with the bees buzzing and plants soaking up the rays. 

A woman working with a weed torch killer. Sustainable summer.

Try out a Red Dragon Torch Kit from Flame Engineering to get rid of those pesky weeds once and for all. 

A squirrel and snail watering stakes. Sustainable summer.

Make sure your plants are properly hydrated with a Squirrel and Snail Watering Stake from Serrv. 

An open bag of spilling grains. Sustainble summer.

Try Insecto’s insecticide made specifically for organic production. 

Dottenfelder Storage Cabbage. Sustainable summer.

Plant all kinds of vegetables, flowers, and herbs from Turtle Tree Seed, including Dottenfelder Storage Cabbage Seeds. 

Summer officially began a week ago and now you can guarantee you’ll have a great one, one that’s good for both people and planet. 

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