Themis and Thread

Hector, NY

Guided by ideals of Themis, The Goddess of Justice, Themis and Thread creates clothing while taking great care not to adversely affect the environment, humanity or the economy.  

A fully customizable fashion line of organic cotton, upcycled material, and exclusively American made components is the lifeblood of this certified carbon neutral, wind powered independent label.  100% domestic production of all aspects of business allows for our high standards to be easily researched and maintained, while supporting the success of many American makers.  

Winning the People & Planet Award would help us hire other American makers to increase production and expand wholesale accounts, invest in American technologies relating to sustainable fabric creation, further develop Heavy Petal, (our non toxic natural dyeing process to make more environmentally friendly textiles in house), create educational rag paper hang tags made locally from our cutting floor scraps, and develop a new fabulous website to be used as an educational resource for ethical apparel lovers and green curious shoppers alike.