Vegan Street

Chicago, IL

Vegan Street is an effective and dynamic source of information and inspiration designed to build vegan culture and community. Nearly every weekday, we post new original essays, recipes, vegan living tips, book and product reviews, interviews with change-makers and much more, including our popular Vegan Street Memes.

As the news reports more stories about global warming, water shortages, food-borne epidemics and rising levels of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, more and more people are seeing a shift toward a vegan diet and lifestyle as a meaningful way to improve our own lives and the world around us. Vegan Street exists to help these people find the resources, support and community that will help them thrive.

Vegan Street consists of only two people, Marla Rose, who is a writer and John Beske, who is a graphic designer. We have combined our talents to create tools and resources to help highlight all the compelling arguments for a vegan diet and lifestyle, to educate and welcome people who want to make the leap and to strengthen and promote the community that will serve as a support network. Vegan Street is a vital force for building a solid and rich vegan culture. Here are a few of the tools and resources we regularly create and share:

  • Vegan Street Memes, which condense hundreds of issues surrounding agriculture, food, politics, culture and more into colorful and compelling graphics that have collectively been shared millions of times across the vast world of social media;
  • Essays from the Vegan Feminist Agitator on the Vegan Street Blog, that use wit, satire and passion to entertain, inspire and empower;
  • More than 100 original vegan recipes (and a new one each week), as well as a library of Vegan Living tips and tools and simple strategies for creating healthy and eco-friendly home and personal care products;
  •  Dozens of interviews with some of the leaders and innovators in the vegan movement;
  • Dozens of reviews of vegan books, products and films;
  • Our own store featuring original books and organic, sweatshop-free message gear.

We have created an abundance of reliable, compelling resources that are all designed to be easily and widely shared by our viewers and followers. Your support and vote will help us create even more tools and resources to build a healthier, more compassionate and more sustainable world.