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Miracle Whipped GMOs

Tell Kraft to Remove GMOs from Miracle Whip
Most mayo contains genetically engineered (referred to as GE or GMO) ingredients. These mayos are also frequently made from factory farmed eggs. Tell Kraft to get the GMOs out of, and get humanely produced eggs into, Miracle Whip.

Yes! I want to help now. Time to Act on Climate Change’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the single largest provider of cloud computing services, host to companies such as Netflix, Pinterest, the Wall Street Journal, and many more. However, in terms of renewable energy use, AWS lags behind almost every other company that operates data centers on a large scale. Now is the time for AWS to build a greener, cleaner cloud—powered by renewable energy.

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Tell Congress: Oppose Toxic Chemical Industry Bill, for Human & Environmental Health

Tell the Senate: Strong Toxic Chemical Control Needed Now
A recently introduced Senate bill fails to protect human health from toxic chemicals linked to a wide range of diseases and disabilities. We need real toxic chemical reform now.

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Stop Fast Track Trade Deals
These two major fast track trade deals would put corporate interests ahead of state, local and federal laws. They would also have negative impacts on food safety, workers’ rights, and the environment. These deals are being written and negotiated by companies and their lobbyists in secret, with US members of Congress also kept in the dark.

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President Obama: Stand Strong on Climate Change
The Obama Administration took important steps on climate change in 2014. However, much remains to be done, and the US is far behind in moving to a clean energy future. The US has actually increased its production of fossil fuels. Ask the President to stand strong on climate by addressing carbon emissions, the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, and clean energy initiatives!

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Tell Godiva: Purchase Cocoa Beans Made Without Child Labor
Other high-end chocolate companies use third-party certifcation to ensure that their products aren't tainted with child slave labor and the exploitation of cocoa-producing communities, but Godiva does not.
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Tell Sabra Hummus: Stop Mixing in the GMOs
Sabra hummus contains soybean oil and citric acid, both from likely genetically engineered crops. Sabra's parent company, PepsiCo, is one of the largest supporters of the anti-GMO labeling movement, fighting consumer’s right to know.

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Tell FERC: Stop Approving Extreme Energy Extraction
More and more communities are experiencing the harmful impacts of gas fracking and tar sands, including poisoned air and water, ruined infrastructure, earthquakes, and home evacuations.
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Tell Costco to End Slavery in Thai Fishing
In June 2014, the Guardian reported that the Thai fishing industry was fueled by slaves working for no pay, sometimes trapped on boats for years on end. Workers who managed to escape spoke of 20-hour shifts, regular beatings, torture, and execution-style killings. Some were even given methamphetamines to keep them going. Whether or not you eat shrimp, you can agree this treatment is unacceptable.
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Samsung: Stop Worker Abuse in Your Supplier Factories!
Workers in Samsung’s facilities in China and Korea work long hours for little pay and often do not have adequate safety training or equipment to keep themselves safe on the job. Hundreds of former Samsung workers have become ill after working with dangerous chemicals in its plants in Korea. Recently, children younger than 16 were found to be working in a Samsung facility in Dongguan, China.
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Kraft: Respect the Planet. Stop the Pouch!
An estimated 1.4 billion Capri Sun pouches are landfilled or littered each year in the United States. Stacked end to end, that’s enough pouches to wrap around the Earth almost five times (121,527 miles). It’s nearly half-way to the moon! Tell Capri Sun manufacturer Kraft Foods to take responsibility for its packaging waste.
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Ask Your Representative to Support the
Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014

Tell Congress that you want to help fund the clean energy economy with Clean Energy Victory Bonds! These bonds would fund essential tax credits to renewable sources like wind, solar, and geothermal, as well as companies specializing in energy-efficiency, reducing the amount of CO2 poured into the atmosphere, and creating one million good US jobs that cannot be outsourced.
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Tell the DOJ: Make Mortgage-Fraud
Prosecutions a Priority

Millions of Americans continue to suffer the consequences of greed-driven and illegal banking practices that contributed to our nation’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but so far the Department of Justice have failed to prioritize prosecuting those responsible.
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Tell Apple:
Protect Workers from Dangerous Chemicals

There are hundreds of chemicals routinely used in electronics manufacturing processes—some are known carcinogens and reproductive toxins, and others are largely untested.  Manufacturers do not readily disclose the chemicals they are using. Protective gear and rigorous trainings on safe handling are often not enforced, and problems of exposure are sometimes not detected until workers are already sick.
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Tell Starbucks:
Serve Only Organic, Non-GMO Milk

With more than 20,000 retail locations throughout the world, Starbucks is a company uniquely positioned to trigger major supply-chain shifts when it makes changes to the products in its stores. Plus, Starbucks already serves organic soymilk. Green America's GMO Inside campaign calls on Starbucks to switch to serving all-organic dairy products as well. 
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Tell General Mills:
No GMOs in Honey Nut Cheerios

At the beginning of 2014, General Mills announced that "original" Cheerios would go GMO-free. That's a great start. But Honey Nut Cheerios is America's #1 cereal; we want the GMOs out, and we want it verified by a third party.
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Tell Dean Foods: We Want Better Butter
Dean Foods claims that their white milk does not contain GMOs, while sourcing their dairy from cows raised on genetically modified feed. It's time to get the GMOs completely out of their supply chain.
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Ask Your Representative to
Support the Safe Cosmetics Act

The FDA does not review the ingredients in the broad category of "cosmetics" (including soaps, shaving cream, lotions, and many other products), which means the majority of the products we use on our bodies may never have been safety tested.  This bill establishes greater oversight authority for the FDA.
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