Shop These Black-Owned Businesses for Black History Month—And Beyond

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Shopping at small and local businesses is good for the circular economy and a best practice for supporting people and the planet. This is doubly true for businesses owned and operated by diverse leadership, especially those who have been kept from wealth accumulation. Patronizing Black-owned businesses for Black History Month—and beyond—is smart way to Vote with Your Dollar and uplift those who have been historically marginalized. 

There are numerous proven benefits to shopping from Black businesses, including helping close the racial wealth gap, fostering job creation, encouraging access to communities most in need, and more. 

To help get you started, consider shopping these Black-owned green businesses that are part of the Green Business Network at Green America. 

Wooden Element 

Wooden Element {GBN} is a sustainable jewelry and accessory shop, specializing in wooden watches, sunglasses, jewelry, and more. 

A watch made of walnut wood featuring a green face, the watch is set against a backdrop of coffee beans.
The Arrow chronograph watch features walnut wood as well as a black metal alloy.

Husband-and-wife duo Natalie & David Akerele founded the company, based in Peoria, IL, to foster a love of sustainable fashion and give back to their local economy and community, as well as issues that are close to their hearts. A portion of the sales support Easter Seals, Best Buddies International (IL Chapter), and Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) - Egbe Revitalization Project West Africa, as well as Aletheia School in Peoria. 

Wooden Elements products are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified sourced wood and the sunglasses feature recycled plastic and biodegradable cellulose acetate frames. The jewelry, meanwhile, features PETA-approved vegan cork jewelry & accessories. 

For a loved one’s next birthday or holiday gift, consider some truly unique wooden and sustainable accessories. 

Mirrors Decorated 

Tuesday Winslow started Mirrors Decorated {GBN} based on her love of recycled paper art. A self-described creative & innovative papier-mâché artist, it all began with cardboard sheet inserts from her father’s boxed dry-cleaned shirts. 

A round mirror outlined with a flower design made of papier-mache.
The PETALS "Patchwork" Flower Wall Mirror.

Now, Winslow creates truly unique art pieces, from papier-mâché wall mirrors, ornaments, and wood mirrors in various shops that can fit any room and aesthetic. 

Leading with sustainable practices, all Mirrors Decorated items are made from the old and discarded, including recycled office paper, newspaper, egg carton and paper bags. 

Get the Bag 

Gloria Ware’s Get the Bag {GBN} offers a fun and easy way to support Black women entrepreneurs with a quarterly subscription box. 

A box filled with various goodies, including pens, a candle, a book, chocolate, and more.
A past box from Get the Bag.

The box features all types of products from Black-owned brands, primarily sourced by Black women-owned brands. Each box has a theme and 4-6 high-quality items from the following categories: 

  • Financial learning opportunity or tool 
  • Food 
  • Beverage (tea, coffee or a supplement mix) 
  • Business, leadership or self-care book 
  • Office swag 
  • Self-care item 

Plus, each box also comes with subscriber-only access to webinars, "office hours,” talks with investors, lenders, grant-makers, brands and successful entrepreneurs. 

4 Elements Bath Products 

At 4Elements {GBN}, there are two main goals: taking care of the self while taking care of the planet. 

Various mint bath products, including a bath bomb, body scrub in a round tub, and more.
4Elements mint products.

The online store offers a variety of products to up your self-care game, from body products to hair care and essential oil blends. There are items for everyone and every part of your body, including men and gender-nonconforming people with facial hair. 

How are all the body oils, soaps, lip balms, and more made sustainably? 4Elements sources organic and wild harvested products and the only preservatives used are natural and extracted from plants. Further, essential oils are extracted at “key times in the growing cycle of plants." 

For your next at-home spa day, consider 4Elements for all your needs. 

SMB Essentials 

Keep the self-care going with Lake Louise’s SMB Essentials {GBN}. The “SMB” stands for skin, mind, and body, with Louise believing that championing green beauty through inclusivity and responsibility is the way forward. 

Plain Jane Beauty products in various tubes, spray bottles, and tubs, set against a white backdrop with flowers.
Various products from the Plain Jane Beauty brand.

SMB Essentials is comprised of two different brandsm, with more on the way: 

  • Lotus Moon Skin Care: This plant-based skincare line draws from an Ayurvedic (ancient Indian system of natural healing) and aromatherapeutic approach to provide therapeutic and sensory effects. 
  • Plain Jane Beauty: An eco-beauty color cosmetics line, “inspired by nature’s brilliant colors,” is a line that celebrates people of all shapes, sizes and skin tones.

Greening the economy is an important element of taking care of our planet. Join millions of Green Americans by shopping the Green Pages of the Green Business Network. 

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