Crop to Cup [Info]

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Are you concerned about animal welfare conditions in factory farms? Do you care about the overuse of antibiotics?

How about the health of our oceans and pollinators? Or the health of generations to come?

Even if you don’t drink dairy milk or frequent your neighborhood Starbucks, if you care about the state of animal welfare and environmental and human health, then you should care about industrialized conventional dairy served in lattes at Starbucks.

Starbucks is a milk company more so than a coffee company. As the world’s most popular and widespread coffeehouse brand, this connection might not seem obvious. But each year Starbucks purchases over 140,000,000 gallons of milk. It’s time Starbucks addresses the many negative impacts of industrial conventional dairy, throughout the supply chain from feed crop to cup, on animal welfare and human and environmental health.

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