Events and Event Planning

Events and Event Planning | Credit: chuttersnap on Unsplash

Includes conference planning; cultural events; festivals, indoor and out; weddings and religious events

Restored & Protected Environment


  • Use environmentally friendly versions of at least two out of the four following products: Paper, including napkins; Cleaning products; Cups, cutlery, plates; Linens
  • Offer clients carbon offsets or purchase of Renewable Energy Credits or offset entire company’s footprint annually
  • Encourage clients to co-locate events with public transportation
  • Use of a green office or facility, including resource reuse and maximum use of post-consumer recycled resources as well as maximum water and energy efficiency This includes storm water management if companies have access to the exterior of their buildings or property. 


  • Focus on vegetarian food with meat on the side
  • Provide reusable hot beverage cups and do not serve water in single use plastic bottles
  • Compost food and beverage waste
  • Sort recycling into more than paper and then metal/ glass/ plastic
  • Use of linens where paper products are typical

Social & Economic Justice


  • Only serve certified fair trade (preferred) or USDA certified organic coffee, tea and sugar
  • Signage/ education explaining green efforts
  • Donations of leftover food to food banks or hospitals for flowers
  • Snack service focused on locally available foods
  • Snack service focused on healthy, minimally process foods