Green Office or Facility

Green Office or Facility | Credit: Martin Tessler on Bustler

The following Standard applies to all businesses with an office and/or facility; it is not an industry sector standard.

Green America’s standards for certified businesses mandate the “use of a green office or facility, including resource reuse and maximum use of postconsumer recycled resources as well as maximum water and energy efficiency.” Companies bearing Green America’s Green Business Certification have some combination of these practices.

Restored & Protected Environment

  • HVAC system well-maintained, building well-insulated, and smart and efficient climate control employed.

  • System in place for reducing electricity consumption from lighting and electronics.

  • Use of Energy Star rated appliances and CFL/LED light bulbs in office.

  • Use of 100% post-consumer recycled, Chlorine Free paper in the office and in all envelopes, marketing, and print materials.

  • Systems in place for reducing paper use such as electronic processes, printers set with double sided printing as the default, and more.

  • Use of only non-toxic cleaning and pest control products.

  • Maximum amount of waste is reused or recycled including paper, plastic, metals, glass, electronics, and printer ink cartridges.

  • Action on clean energy such as purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or use of on-site clean energy.

  • Compost all food waste.

  • Landscaping done with sustainability in mind, especially considering runoff and stormwater management.

Social & Economic Justice

  • Only fair trade and USDA certified organic coffee and tea served in the office.

  • Use of green or local caterers for events.

  • Use of a certified E-Steward for electronics recycling.