Jewelry | Credit: Artem Bali on Unsplash

Includes all jewelry that does not use the language of fair trade, including jewelry made in the US. For fair trade items, see Fair Trade Gifts.

Restored & Protected Environment

  • Use of a green office, including energy and water saving devices and active reuse and recycling
  • Maximum use of local materials
  • Minimum use of non- postconsumer metals or plastic
  • When using non- post- consumer metals, a clear explanation of why. Fittings, like clasps, are exempted from this requirement due to their scarcity and the poor quality of plastic versions
  • No use of new gold or silver

Social & Economic Justice

  • Explanation of materials chosen, including social and environmental values, on website
  • If using new diamonds, only manufactured stones or ones mined Botswana or Canada are permitted. New stones must have chain of custody certificates that can be produced during the certification process
  • Vintage gems are preferred
  • When using precious and semi- precious gems, either fair trade certified or a complete understanding of where they came from, from mine to processing to your source. If this information cannot be obtained, companies using gems are not eligible for the Green Business Certification
  • Include the country of manufacture or import if the company sells goods made in more than one country