Paper, Publishing, Printing

Print job | Credit: Mail, Print, Marketing

Includes magazines; books; posters; printers; paper makers and brokers. All standards required unless specified.

Restored & Protected Environment


  • Products composed of at least 30% pre- or post-consumer recycled fiber.

  • All virgin fiber is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified (Note that Green America does not view the Scientific Forestry Initiative as a valid certification for products or processes).

  • Use of at least 80% vegetable- or water-based inks.

  • Exclusive use of paper with low-VOC coatings, and water-miscible, low-VOC solvents.

  • No chlorine or chlorine compounds used in bleaching process.

  • Responsible environmental management/procurement policy or practices for all waste materials and manufacturing and printing processes.


  • Products composed of 80-100% pre- or post-consumer recycled fiber.

  • Use of 100% vegetable- or water-based inks.

  • Exclusive use of uncoated paper or paper with zero-VOC coatings.

Social & Economic Justice


  • Responsible procurement policy or practices regarding fair labor practices.


  • Involved in public policy work or member of association in support of green paper or printing.