Pet & Livestock Food

Pet and Livestock Food | Credit: Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Includes grain and hay grown for livestock/ animal feed and bedding; feed; supplements and medicine; treats and chews that are typically ingested

Restored & Protected Environment


  • No use of Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Ethical treatment of animals from which food is made
  • Use of a green office or facility, including resource reuse and maximum use of post-consumer recycled resources as well as maximum water and energy efficiency This includes storm water management if companies have access to the exterior of their buildings or property. 


  • Use of USDA Organic, fair trade or Demeter certified ingredients
  • Packaging made with post-consumer paper or plastic

Social & Economic Justice


  • Good working conditions for slaughter house workers (required for non-vegetarian petfood)
  • Complete ingredients listed in the package and online


  • Made with local ingredients

Standard Review

This standard was revised in 2015. We held a 45 day public comment period and solicited feedback on the standard from our Certified Green Businesses.

We also took guidance from the following organizations (does not imply endorsement):

  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Friends of the Earth
  • National Organic Program of the USDA
  • Non-GMO Project
  • Organic Consumers Association
  • World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade USA