Recycling Products & Services

Recycling Products & Services | Credit: 9355 on Pixabay

Includes ; industrial, business, residential; municipal; pick up, residential and commercial services; textile recycling; manufacturers of containers for recycling

Restored & Protected Environment


  • Maximum amount of material diverted from landfills and incinerators.

  • Education or resources for customers on importance and methods for recycling, also on what can be recycled.


  • Working towards traceability of collected materials throughout lifecycle.

  • Member of recycling advocacy association or involved in public policy advocacy work in support of recycling.

  • Collection containers are made of post-consumer recycled material or pre-consumer recycled material.

  • Transportation and shipping with low GHG emissions.

Social & Economic Justice


  • Takes steps to ensure domestic re-manufacturing of recycled materials.

  • Recycled materials are not shipped overseas for processing.

  • Only recycles electronics with or as a certified E-Steward.

  • Workers receive adequate safety training and exposure to hazardous materials is minimized.


  • Reuseable materials donated to local charitable organizations.