beyondGREEN biotech Inc.


Here at beyondGREEN, our sole mission is to reduce plastic pollution by offering our next generation technology of dog waste bags and cat litter bags as an eco-friendly alternative to the trillions of plastic pet waste bags used every year. Pet waste provides an environmental hazard towards water pollution and the spread of harmful bacteria that may lead to disease, yet, using a plastic bag to dispose of waste is not the ecological choice our environment needs. Made with natural, renewable material and packaged in recycled material, bioDOGradable's patented vegetable blend promotes minimized pollution and supports sustainable development goals. This allows their organic material to naturally break down in the environment and serves as food to be consumed by micro-organisms, supporting a circular life cycle to work in harmony with the environment. With a market flooded with green-washed plastics, bioDOGradable is the trusted alternative by offering certifications with USDA Biobased, Vincotte EN13432 for Compostability and Home Compostability. BioDOGradable Bags is more than just a product, they are a movement educating consumers on the effects their choices have on our environment, in hopes of leading them towards a future without plastics.