Bright Planning

Give us your vision, we'll give you the plan. Bright Planning is a strategic marketing consultancy based in Asheville, North Carolina, serving a national clientele. We eat, think, and breathe strategy that will help get your brand's name in front of the right people. This isn't a full-service agency, because we don't believe in watering down what we do best. Our specialty is an easy-to-follow comprehensive marketing plan. This plan consists of proprietary "small data" investigations to unlock the real demographics and psychographics of your target market, research-backed strategies for launches or rebrands, and message development. Our clients are companies that offer organic, ethical or sustainable retail products and positive impact services. In other words: your business should be making the world a more beautiful, healthier, remarkable place to live. Director Catherine Campbell and her team have over a decade's worth of intense marketing experience, ranging from start-ups to multi-million-dollar corporations and global brands. Catherine's business advice has been featured in Harvard Business Review, CBS Small Business, Bloomberg and other outlets. At Bright Planning, we focus on scaling innovative small to medium-sized businesses (under 25 employees or $15 million in annual revenue) that are U.S.-based but may have global market share. Learn more on our website, and enjoy free actionable tips from our weekly blog and podcast (available on iTunes)!