Compensation Venture Group, SPC


Compensation Venture Group SPC (CVG) is a Washington Social Purpose Corporation and was a Certified B Corporation from 2014 to 2018. CVG consults with companies to design and implement employee compensation programs that allow the company to recruit and engage the talent they need to execute on their environmental and/or social purpose and mission. We design salary, cash incentive, equity, and other compensation programs that support company culture, strategy, and objectives. The unique strategic, financial, and governance characteristics of green businesses requires a fresh approach to compensation, benefits, and other conditions of engagement such as paid time off. The current norms in the marketplace, which have not served traditional companies well, are a complete mismatch for impact enterprises. CVG has a track record of developing innovative pay programs in unique company environments that support business success for all stakeholders. CVG is an investor in Fledge LLC, the conscious company incubator, is the creator of Conscious Compensation®, and is a founder of Global Equity Organization, a global nonprofit association devoted to the needs of equity compensation professionals who design and administer employee ownership programs. CVG also owns Cannabis Compensation Consultants(TM) and is active in the cannabis industry.