Delilah Home


Sustainability, Impact, and Community

Our Mission:  We manufacturer the highest quality organic, natural and sustainable home use textiles that are safer for your health and better for the planet. 

Our Vision:  We are a company that cares.  Not only do we produce the very best quality products, we live each day to the best of our sustainable ability.  By putting practice into play, we believe in being excellent stewards of our environment and community.

We believe:  In doing things right the first time and without sacrificing the future in producing products that are not harmful for the environment, our workers, or the end users we serve, and in being good stewards of our community we serve. Ten percent of profits go toward causes that make us all better OR that make the world a better place.

At Delilah Home, we care about quality, the environment, and the community we serve.  We manufacturer and partner with factories who are certified to the highest textile standard.  Furthermore, all of our products are made to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) using the highest quality organic cotton and hemp material.  With little to no chemicals used in our entire supply chain, we aim to protect the environment from harsh chemicals that are commonly used in conventional cotton production.  The results, our ”pure” products are the safest and cleanest textiles on the market.  Lastly, we believe in being stewards of our community and partner with local charities (Humane Society, Habitat, Make A Wish, Beds for Kids).

Delilah Home was named after a scared puppy who survived a life-threatening ordeal in the Carolina mountains. She weathered extreme cold temperatures and record winds by living off the land for 62 days. Around her,  an entire community rallied for her return, watching, and searching until she was eventually reunited with her family. Sustainability, impact, community. Her story reflects the fundamental pillars of Delilah Home. The company’s mission statements and visions aren’t just corporate speak.. They are how we live our lives when we are not at work. Our core values weren’t born out of a branding session, they are a part of who we are as humans and are at the heart of every decision we make.