NorthStar Asset Management, Inc.

NorthStar Asset Management began in 1990 as an equity and fixed income manager dedicated to socially responsible investing. As a pioneer in the field since 1984, our founder and now our staff have contributed to NorthStar’s ever-evolving approach to creating transformative change through investments. Our mission is to provide the most integrated approach to portfolio management available today by connecting environmental, social, and governance concerns to investment selection, asset allocation, and activism. NorthStar’s philosophy, approach, and style are rooted in our commitment to social change using the resources available to us as investment managers.

Since 2000, we have been the creator and sponsor of resolutions on issues of predatory lending, executive compensation, board and senior management diversity, equal rights, environmental practices, political spending, LGBT rights, prison labor in the supply chain, and the human right to water. NorthStar is now recognized as a leader in shareholder activism and known for crafting “out of the box” shareholder resolutions that address societal concerns.


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