Sweetwater, LLC

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Sweetwater LLC provides custom home water purification systems for the health conscious consumer

By reviewing your local water report I can provide the appropriate water purification system to health conscious consumers -

I sell the Urban Defender whole house water filter, the Kitchen Defender under sink water filter or Custom Reverse Osmosis Systems for healthy drinking water

I also provide well water filtrations systems and well water testing

"My family and I have been enjoying the Kitchen Defender water system for the last 6 years. There is such a huge difference in the taste of the water. I highly recommend it." Armani Walker-Birnes

"GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Jim was amazing! He answered all of my husband's questions quickly and professionally. It's so easy to have clean, great tasting water from every tap in the house. Can't imagine our lives without this system. Thank you Sweetwater!"  Nancy Nelms

Ships throughout the United States. Call today!

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