Traditional Medicinals

Who We Are

At Traditional Medicinals we have always been deeply rooted in plants and purpose. In the late 1960s the stars aligned to bring together herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and community activist Drake Sadler. They planted the seeds for their shared vision of a new kind of herbalism that offered the world something new: accessible herbal wellness, made with ethically sourced herbs.

Nearly fifty years later, we’re going strong — partnering with suppliers and sourcing communities around the world to bring the best ingredients to our products and to you.

With a talented and experienced team of herbalists, naturopaths, and scientists, we continue to build on our decades of practice, lifetimes of experience, with a deep commitment to both cutting-edge botany and traditional plant knowledge in all our formulations.


It Starts at the Source

To continue providing accessible botanical wellness we need an ongoing supply of high-quality herbs. This requires investing in the ecosystems where these plants thrive – and the people that steward them. At Traditional Medicinals we believe that everything is interconnected, which means supporting biodiversity in ecosystems, as well as the farmers and collectors who harvest and forage our herbs.

As a California Green Business, certified B Corp® and California benefit corporation, we hold ourselves accountable to a commitment to be transparent about our successes and our challenges and to collaborate, communicate, and educate across our platforms. We look for opportunities to reduce or eliminate emissions at the source, and we support organic and regenerative farming practices as well as voluntary certifications like FairWild® which ensure the ongoing sustainability of wild collection and the health and wellbeing of the collectors who forage.


Nurturing Interconnection

At Traditional Medicinals we believe that we are all connected. We would not be where we are today without our incredible team and our vibrant community. Together with our team and farmers and collectors around the work we are working towards our greater purpose of healing and protecting the natural relationship between plants, people, and the planet.

We have an amazing community of plant lovers who care about the work we do to support the planet, and as we look out to motivate a larger change in the world. They help hold us accountable and ask the hard questions.  At the end of the day, we want everyone to feel confident that when they pause in their day to brew a cup of botanical wellness, they are also caring for plants and the planet and the people who are growing and harvesting their tea.  When people and the planet thrive, we all thrive.


It’s Not Simple, & It’s Never Easy 

It is easy to wish that a simple project and catchphrase would be enough to show everything that we do. But it isn’t. This is hard work without a clear path. It takes thought, constant collaboration, and a willingness to accept risks and make mistakes to forge a road towards an equitable and regenerative world. 

We will continue to hold ourselves accountable as an organization to our commitments to plants, people, and the planet. They serve as our guideposts and keep us looking to the future and re-imagining what is possible, together. 


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