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BlogNews ( ) Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) recently introduced their much-anticipated framework for a Green New Deal. The accompanying resolution introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives calls for massive investment
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BlogNews ( ) My family and I have a Climate Victory Garden in the suburbs of Washington DC. I wanted to give you a tour of our tiny garden with the hopes it will inspire you.
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BlogNews ( ) Bismark Kpabitey is a 33-year-old dynamic agroforestry cocoa farmer from Ghana, where farmers typically earn $0.84 per day.
BlogNews ( ) Are grains healthy? What are the different types? Is there a difference between ancient grains and modern grains?
BlogNews ( ) Regenerative agriculture is being explored as a solution to climate change and declining soil health around the world. In Ethiopia, where the majority of farming is practiced by smallholders, production is important for livelihoods and food security…

BlogNews ( ) Communities and the climate shouldn’t be compromised in Verizon's race to reach faster networks.
BlogNews ( ) Samsung has dragged its feet to take steps to ensure the safety of its factory workers. 
BlogNews ( ) When talking about ‘voting with your dollar’, we often talk about purchasing habits with specific brands or products, encouraging consumers to opt for the more sustainable and fair option when shopping. Another key player in our shopping habits are…
BlogNews ( ) The Monsanto-Bayer merger represents a near-monopoly on the agriculture supply chain, which eliminates marketplace competition and forces farmers’ complete reliance on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
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BlogNews ( ) For years you worked with us to fight for federal GMO labeling, but the fight isn’t over yet.  In 2016, Congress passed legislation requiring the disclosure of GMOs in our food. Now, the USDA is finally developing the rule that will establish the…
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BlogNews ( ) The family-separation policy is nothing short of “torture.” You can use your economic power to send a message to the companies involved in immigrant detention centers.

BlogNews ( ) Are you excited about joining the Climate Victory Garden movement but not quite sure how to do it? If you have a lawn, then this comic is for you. There are so many benefits to ditching the lawn and planting a Climate Victory Garden—not only are…
Climate Victory Garden
BlogNews ( ) On World Day Against Child Labor, use your voice to get child labor out of your chocolate.
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BlogNews ( ) Is contamination of recycling killing the industry? Tips for what you can do to make sure recycling thrives.
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BlogNews ( ) Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Since then, Green America members have asked if they should continue to shop at Whole Foods.
Whole Foods
BlogNews ( ) If you read the announcements from cocoa and chocolate companies, you might think that child labor, farmer poverty, and environmental degradation in cocoa producing countries are being swiftly addressed.  The reality on the ground is very…
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BlogNews ( )   DanoneWave to Advance Soil Health Green America’s Center for Sustainability Solutions has been collaborating with DanoneWave (maker of dairy and plant-based products, coffee creamers, and beverages) to implement sustainable agriculture…
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BlogNews ( ) Now more than ever we need to take advantage of every positive economic action we can to build an economy and society that works for people and the planet. If you own company stock directly, be sure to add “proxy power” to your action list. Yes –…
BlogNews ( ) There are many ways to pressure companies to improve their conduct. One important strategy is shareholder activism.
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BlogNews ( ) Many agricultural practices are site-specific, but composting is one fundamental element of organic and regenerative agriculture that can be adopted by anyone growing and/or eating food. Composting.
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