Erin Gorman

Erin Gorman Photo
Senior Advisor, Soil Carbon Initiative

Erin has a closet full of hats - having had lots of career adventures over the past twenty years.  She worked at Green America in the 1990's as Strategic Development Director, designing the campaigns and funding strategies for the organization's work on Fair Trade and social justice advocacy and playing a role in our early Solar Circle development.  A passion for farmer advocacy led her to pioneering farmer owned fair trade company Divine Chocolate where she served as the CEO for the US operations and took the company to profitability and scale in a highly competitive market. In recent years she has helped build her family-owned property development firm in DC along with her husband and brother-in-law. In 2016 her family started their own 63 acre grass fed beef and sheep operation, primarily supplying their own Turkish restaurant in DC.  When not moving cows from pasture to pasture she can be found jumping on a trampoline with her children who speak fluent Turkish and who like to make fun of their mother's terrible Turkish accent.