Jessica Hulse Dillon

picture of Jessica
Project Manager, Non-GMO Supply Working Group, Midwest Grains

Jessica has worked throughout her career to bring together diverse actors to create system wide changes. As the Manager for Non-GMO Supply Working Group and Midwest Grains she will focus on working with the participants of the Non-GMO Supply Working Group to support the work they outline as being crucial to ensuring a sustainable national supply chain. Jessica will also be focusing on the launch and operation of the Midwest Grains initiative.

Jessica began her career working to support and build relationships in Central Asia, Africa, and Latin America in support of US energy companies. She continued this work when transitioning to the non-profit world, working on behalf of women and children around the world to bring together experts, practitioners, and local community members to build best practices around Early Childhood Education and Maternal and Newborn health in developing countries. Jessica has also worked to support local and sustainable agriculture in the Washington, DC, region as well as community markets allowing those within the community to access fresh produce.

Jessica received her BA in US Foreign Policy, focusing on US-Arab relations and the role of women in the Arab world. She then received a MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, focusing on children’s nutrition in post-conflict society as well as a Certificate in Peacebuilding with a focus on maternal health.