Jessica Hulse Dillon

picture of Jessica
Director, Soil & Climate Alliance
Worker Member Representative

Jessica leads the agriculture network focusing on large scale shifting to regenerative practices focusing on soil health and resiliency, carbon sequestration, and farm and rural profitability. Working across the supply chain allows for the development of solutions that serve the entire community leading to real and lasting change. Prior to Green America, Jessica worked across a diverse range of industries, including developing energy projects in Central Asia and Western Africa, newborn and maternal survival in low context settings, early childhood education, and local food access and systems. These diverse experiences allow for innovation and iteration in advancing work to serve the needs of the network as well as the members. Jessica holds a B.A. in US Foreign Policy, focusing on US Arab relations and the role of women in the Arab world as well as a M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution with a focus on children’s nutrition and a Certificate in Peacebuilding with a focus on maternal health.