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Press Release (May 21, 2018) Gardens Could Combat Climate Change While Producing 12 Million Tons of High-Quality Food; Push to Equal WWII Victory Garden Level Would Equal 40 Million Gardens.

Press Release (May 10, 2018) Walmart, Walgreens, Target and Petco Among Retail Laggards, While Apple and Best Buy Are Leaders; Report Provides Tips for Consumers and Workers to Minimize Their Exposure to Receipts.

Press Release (May 1, 2018) May Day Actions Against Samsung: (Amsterdam, Hanoi, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Jose, Seoul)
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Press Release (April 26, 2018) Bill will allow all Americans to invest in a clean energy future for the country

Press Release (April 19, 2018) “2018 COCOA BAROMETER” REPORT PAINTS DARK CHOCOLATE PICTURE: AS PRICES FALL, WOES RISE FOR FARMERS, CHILDREN, FORESTS   “Guilty Pleasure”: With Environmentally Damaging Overproduction and Insensitive Methods, Cocoa Sector Falls Far Short of…

Press Release (March 6, 2018) The Carbon Underground and Green America, in partnership with Ben & Jerry’s (Unilever), DanoneWave, Annie’s (General Mills), and MegaFood have begun development of a global verification standard for food grown in a regenerative manner.

Press Release (March 1, 2018) Green America Review Ranks T-Mobile Best with A-, Sprint Gets C, and AT&T C-; Verizon Gets “F” on Current Clean Energy Sourcing, Commitment to Improve, and GHG Emission Reductions. Washington, D.C. – March 1, 2018 – Cell phone consumers…
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Press Release (February 5, 2018) Following T-Mobile’s 100% Clean Energy Pledge, AT&T Hints It Will Follow Suit, Making Verizon Industry Laggard.
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Press Release (January 31, 2018) “Fueling the Future”: Green America’s “People & Planet” Award Gives Greenbacks to Green Companies. Winning Companies in Washington, D.C., Detroit, and Lawrence, KS.

Press Release (January 30, 2018) T-mobile is committed to 100% clean energy. Time for AT&T and Verizon to catch up.
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Press Release (January 17, 2018) Protesters Post List of Eight Key Reforms to Ensure “Meaningful Fixes” to Approval Process at FERC Headquarters.
Press Release (January 9, 2018) Green America is pleased that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has announced that it is terminating the Department of Energy (DOE) Proposal to provide market-based incentives to coal and nuclear power plant owners.

Press Release (December 30, 2017) Taking place in San Francisco on 30-31st January, the eighth North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will showcase health impacts, sustainable ingredients, and eco-labels. For the first time, the executive summit will discuss the…

Press Release (December 4, 2017) Effort Promotes “Regenerative Agriculture” Practices That Bolster Soil Health and Fight Climate Change.
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Press Release (November 16, 2017) Newest Protest Targets Millennium Valley Lateral Pipeline, Which FERC Is Forcing Through Without Required Water Quality Certificate.
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Press Release (November 9, 2017) Know The Difference Between “Free-Range” and “Cage-Free”? “Natural” and “Non-GMO”? Big Corporations Are Betting You Don’t.
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Press Release (September 20, 2017) “STOP TRUMP’S DIRTY ENERGY AGENDA, THE CHANGE STARTS HERE” Protest: Activists Demonstrate at FERC’s First Public Meeting Since January, Deliver Letter from 139 National and Local Groups to Congress Urging Opposition to Dirty Energy Bill

Press Release (August 24, 2017) As Tech Leaders Apple and Google meet 100% Renewable Energy Goals, Lagging Telecommunications Giants Far Behind at Less than 2%.

Press Release (August 16, 2017) CEO Defections Led to Trump Disbanding Two Councils; Latest Follows Day-Earlier Green America Statement Urging CEOs to Leave.
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Press Release (August 14, 2017) WASHINGTON, D.C.— August 15, 2017 —Green America is pleased to announce that Jeff Marcous, CEO (Chief Evolutionary Officer) of Dharma Merchant Services in San Francisco, is the new chair of Green America's board of directors. “Jeff has a long…