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Press Release (January 9, 2018) Green America is pleased that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has announced that it is terminating the Department of Energy (DOE) Proposal to provide market-based incentives to coal and nuclear power plant owners.

Press Release (December 30, 2017) Taking place in San Francisco on 30-31st January, the eighth North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will showcase health impacts, sustainable ingredients, and eco-labels. For the first time, the executive summit will discuss the…

Press Release (December 4, 2017) Effort Promotes “Regenerative Agriculture” Practices That Bolster Soil Health and Fight Climate Change.
carbon farming
Press Release (November 16, 2017) Newest Protest Targets Millennium Valley Lateral Pipeline, Which FERC Is Forcing Through Without Required Water Quality Certificate.
pipeline, FERC, dirty energy
Press Release (November 9, 2017) Know The Difference Between “Free-Range” and “Cage-Free”? “Natural” and “Non-GMO”? Big Corporations Are Betting You Don’t.
food, organic food, GMOs, fair trade
Press Release (September 20, 2017) “STOP TRUMP’S DIRTY ENERGY AGENDA, THE CHANGE STARTS HERE” Protest: Activists Demonstrate at FERC’s First Public Meeting Since January, Deliver Letter from 139 National and Local Groups to Congress Urging Opposition to Dirty Energy Bill

Press Release (August 24, 2017) As Tech Leaders Apple and Google meet 100% Renewable Energy Goals, Lagging Telecommunications Giants Far Behind at Less than 2%.

Press Release (August 16, 2017) CEO Defections Led to Trump Disbanding Two Councils; Latest Follows Day-Earlier Green America Statement Urging CEOs to Leave.
racism, social justice, corporate responsibility
Press Release (August 14, 2017) WASHINGTON, D.C.— August 15, 2017 —Green America is pleased to announce that Jeff Marcous, CEO (Chief Evolutionary Officer) of Dharma Merchant Services in San Francisco, is the new chair of Green America's board of directors. “Jeff has a long…

Press Release (July 25, 2017) A coalition of organizations (The FERC Vacancies Coalition) opposed to natural gas pipelines and the restoring of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC’s) quorum due to its rubber stamping of natural gas infrastructure is urging a “no” vote on
dirty energy, pipeline
Press Release (July 12, 2017) 100 small businesses: NAFTA currently privileges multinational corporations over U.S. small business unfairly under “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” preferential treatment. Washington, DC; July 12, 2017// Today, more than 100 small business…
green business
Press Release (June 28, 2017) Faced with the growing scourge of pipeline expansion nationwide, 180 groups -- including Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch, Green America, the Center for Biological Diversity, and community-level organizations -- are calling for the full Senate to vote “no”
pipeline, climate justice, climate, energy, climate change
Press Release (June 15, 2017) Planting Sustainability in Your Backyard: Small Businesses in San Diego, Boston and Chicago Receive Green America’s “People & Planet” Award.

Press Release (June 1, 2017) Group Says U.S. Policy Moving “In Wrong Direction” as Clean Energy Future Becomes Reality and Climate Crisis Intensifies.

Press Release (May 23, 2017) Organizations Nationwide Taking Part in Lobby Days, Call-ins, and Senate Hearings to Send the Message That FERC’s Rubber Stamping of Pipelines Nationwide Must End. WASHINGTON, DC – May 22, 2017 – Over 200 organizations from across the country will…

Press Release (May 18, 2017) Groups Say Ellis Unfit to Serve, Citing “Xenophobia,” “Lack of Regard for Human and Civil Rights.” WASHINGTON, DC – May 18 2017– Green America and The Child Labor Coalition issued the following statement of concern regarding the consideration of…

Press Release (May 15, 2017) President Trump’s Recent Firing and Threatening of former FBI Director James Comey Deepen the Cloud of Suspicion Over the Administration and FERC Commissioners Directing An Agency Deeply Tied to National Security. WASHINGTON, DC – May 15 2017– – A…

Press Release (May 9, 2017)   WASHINGTON, DC – May 9 2017– A coalition of around 160 local, state, regional and national organizations is calling upon the Senate to reject both nominations announced yesterday by President Donald Trump to be Commissioners of FERC, the Federal…

Press Release (May 4, 2017) Green America’s Green Business Network, representing 3,000 small and mid-sized companies nationwide, support the agreement’s creation of jobs, business opportunities, and lessening the economic impacts of Climate Change. Washington DC — May 4, 2017…

Press Release (March 21, 2017) Green America calls on universities to make “Better Paper Commitment” and would keep one million trees standing each year through using 100 percent recycled paper in alumni magazines. 
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