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Press Release (October 19, 2016) Gene Lee’s record on environmental, health, animal welfare and worker issues at odds with “Golden Chain” accolade WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a letter sent today to Nation’s Restaurant News, a coalition of 15 environmental, animal welfare and worker…

Press Release (September 8, 2016) Dressed to Impress and Impact Less: Clothing Companies in NY, AZ and WI Awarded for Being Environmentally and Socially Conscious WASHINGTON, D.C.— September 8, 2016 —Three small green businesses offering ethical apparel in New York, Arizona and…

Press Release (August 25, 2016) Smucker’s Called on to Produce Non-GMO and Organic Peanut Butter and Jelly and Stop Jamming Americans Full of GMOs: Urged to Follow Lead of Hershey’s, Campbell’s, General Mills, Gerber and Other Iconic American Brands. WASHINGTON, D.C.//AUGUST 25,…

Press Release (August 18, 2016) $1.32 an Hour and Forced Overtime: Major Labor Abuses Documented in Factories Making Disney Products; Consumers Urged to Speak Out and Opt to Purchase Green, Sustainable Toys. WASHINGTON, D.C.— August 17, 2016 — With holiday shopping less than…

Press Release (June 7, 2016) WASHINGTON, D.C.— June 7, 2016 —General Mills. Post. Hershey’s. Unilever. Pepsi. Those are just some of the top food corporations that have been persuaded since January 2014 by Green America’s GMO Inside campaign and its supporters to remove…

Press Release (April 18, 2016) More Americans are seeking greener retirement plans like fossil-free 401(k) options.
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Press Release (April 5, 2016) WASHINGTON, DC – April 5, 2016 – In its latest campaign to move the magazine industry to recycled paper, the nonprofit Green America today launched “Practice What You Print, Smithsonian” to encourage Smithsonian Magazine to move to recycled-content…

Press Release (March 24, 2016) 50 Organizations Urge Olive Garden and Darden Restaurants to Improve Practices.
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Press Release (March 10, 2016) Spotlight on Biodegradable Paint, Handmade Yurts and Vertical Gardens; $5,000 Prizes Awarded to CO, IN and TN Companies Focusing on DIY
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Press Release (December 10, 2015) $5,000 Prizes Awarded to NY, OR and IL Companies Focusing on Vegan Ice Cream, Footwear & Web Content

Press Release (November 20, 2015) Consumers urged to speak out and opt for safe, green toys; New report exposes major safety and labor-rights abuses in Chinese toy factories; Hasbro’s Nerf Guns & Disney’s Frozen Dolls found to be made in facilities with health and safety violations.

Press Release (September 8, 2015) From Elephant Dung to Cigarette Butts: $5,000 Prizes Awarded to PA, CA and NJ Companies Focusing on Recycled Products & Services.

Press Release (June 30, 2015) Not Sustainable: Farmers Making as Little as 50 Cents Per Day; Inadequate Responses Mounted So Far to Address Very Serious Problems.

Press Release (June 29, 2015) Partnership Equips Consumers with Single, Vendor-Neutral Resource for Comparing Solar Systems, Installers and Financing Options As Well As Getting Lowest Price Quotes

Press Release (February 23, 2015) Latest Move by Hershey’s Follows the Removal of GMOs by General Mills, Unilever, Post Foods.

Press Release (January 15, 2015) Rights and Labor Groups Concerned Work on Fishing Boats

Press Release (November 3, 2014) Company Spending $640,000 to Block Consumers’ Right to Know If GMOs Are In Food Also Censors Consumers Talking About GMOs on Social Media November 3, 2014 WASHINGTON D.C - November 3, 2014 - Green America’s GMO Inside campaign is calling out the…
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Press Release (August 14, 2014) Apple responds to over 23,000 comments from concerned consumers. More needs to be done to protect workers. August 14, 2014 Washington, DC – August 14, 2014 –Green America announced today that it is pleased with Apple’s August 13 announcement that…

Press Release (July 10, 2014) Study Reveals Global Electronic Giant’s Human Rights Violations
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Press Release (March 12, 2014) Ending “Bad Apple” Devices: It Could Take Just a Dollar Per Device to Fix Apple’s Poisonous Practices; Green America Takes on Apple After Success in Changing General Mills’ Cheerios. March 12, 2014 WASHINGTON, DC -- With more than a million…
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