Climate Victory Gardens Campaign Hits 20,000-Garden Milestone, Equivalent to 4,740 Tons of Carbon Sequestered

Climate Victory Gardens
Spring Planting Resources Available to Fight the Climate Crisis Through Sustainable Gardening Practices; “Cut The Grass!”: Free Webinar Series on Transforming Lawns to be More Eco-Friendly

WASHINGTON, DC – March 15, 2023 – As spring approaches, Green America’s Climate Victory Gardens campaign has grown to 20,024 registered gardens, up from 14,632 in 2022. The push to plant and map climate-friendly gardens using regenerative agriculture techniques across the country is now achieving the annual equivalent of 4,740 tons of carbon drawdown.

In addition to updated Climate Victory Garden resources for beginners and seasoned gardeners, Green America will also hold two webinars about transforming lawns to be more eco-friendly. Today, over 80% of Americans have grass lawns – covering about 40 million acres of land in the continental U.S. – and use 9 billion gallons of water every day to keep the grass green, according to the EPA.

Climate Victory Gardens

Emma Kriss, food campaigns manager at Green America, said: “Not only do Climate Victory Gardens heal the planet by drawing down atmospheric carbon dioxide, but the food they provide is more nutritious than conventional store-bought produce. Whether upgrading an existing garden or converting a water-guzzling, pesticide-covered lawn, we’re excited to provide information and resources to help Americans grow their own Climate Victory Gardens this spring.”

Green America’s Climate Victory Garden resources cover additional popular topics such as:

  • Organic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Raising chickens
  • Container gardening and growing food indoors
  • Composting
  • Supporting pollinators
  • Building a rain barrel
  • Seed saving

Todd Larsen, executive co-director for consumer & corporate engagement at Green America, said: “At a time when carbon sequestration is becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry, and venture capital companies search for the perfect solution to suck pollution out of the atmosphere, the little old backyard garden is proving how simple it can be to take action. Regenerative agriculture is a powerful tool, and we’re thrilled to see more and more adoption on both large and small scales.”

Climate Victory Gardens help fight climate change through regenerative agriculture techniques, an approach to gardening that focuses on improving and revitalizing soil health by fostering healthy soil that can draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Inspired by the “Victory Gardens” campaigns during WWI and WWII that produced 40% of the fresh produce consumed in the U.S. at the time, Climate Victory Gardens empower Americans to grow gardens with regenerative agriculture techniques to help address the climate crisis.

On March 23, Green America will host its first webinar to help people ditch their lawns in favor of gardens, Transforming Lawns: Groundcover Revolution, featuring Kathy Jentz, author of Groundcover Revolution. On April 27, Green America’s second webinar, Transforming Lawns: Tiny + Wild, will feature Graham Laird Gardner, author of Tiny and Wild: Build a small-scale meadow anywhere.

Climate Victory Gardens are being tracked through Green America’s updated, searchable map. To add your own Climate Victory Garden to the map, visit:


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