Climate Victory Gardens Campaign Nears 15,000-Garden Milestone, Equivalent To 4,600 Tons of Carbon Sequestered

Image: logo for the Climate Victory Gardens campaign
Climate-Friendly Gardens Nearly Doubled Since 2021; New Resources Available for Climate Victory Gardeners, Including Series on Gardening with Disabilities.

WASHINGTON, DC – March 3, 2022 – Whether it’s to fight the climate crisis, boost mental health, or defray food costs in the face of rising inflation, Climate Victory Gardens have grown to 14,632 registered gardens in 2022, up from 8,670 in 2021, according to the nonprofit Green America. By using climate-friendly, regenerative agriculture techniques, the gardens equate to 4,667 tons of annual carbon drawdown or offsetting the emissions of 39 million miles driven.

Gardeners gearing up for the spring planting season can visit the Climate Victory Gardens resource page for more information for beginner and seasoned gardeners, as well as tips for improving mental health through gardening and a new series about gardening for people with disabilities.

Emma Kriss, food campaigns manager at Green America, said: “Our Climate Victory Garden campaign continues to grow by leaps and bounds as we head into the spring. Planting a Climate Victory Garden is the best way to provide nutritious food, promote biodiversity, and keep the soil healthy, all while drawing down the atmospheric carbon dioxide driving the climate crisis. It’s a win-win for people and the planet.”

Green America’s Climate Victory Garden resources cover additional popular topics such as:

  • Annuals and perennials
  • Knowing when to grow
  • Container gardening
  • Raised garden beds
  • Growing food indoors
  • Seeds vs. transplants
  • Soil testing
  • Composting
  • Organic pesticides
  • Supporting pollinators
  • Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Niko Kirby at Denver Urban Gardens, which is working with Green America to promote the Climate Victory Garden campaign locally, said: “Denver Urban Gardens is excited to be in partnership with Green America to spread awareness of the positive climate impacts of gardening. We're looking forward to inspiring 10,000+ more people to grow a Climate Victory Garden in 2022 together!”

Climate Victory Gardens help to fight climate change by fostering healthy soil that can draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Inspired by the “Victory Gardens” campaigns during WWI and WWII that at the time produced 40% of the fresh produce consumed in the U.S., Climate Victory Gardens empower Americans to grow gardens with regenerative agriculture techniques to help address the climate crisis.

Climate Victory Gardens are being tracked through Green America’s searchable map. To add your own Climate Victory Garden to the map, visit:


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