GMO Inside: With a Social Media Policy Like Smuckers, a Comment Has To Be Good … Or It’s Gone

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Company Spending $640,000 to Block Consumers’ Right to Know If GMOs Are In Food Also Censors Consumers Talking About GMOs on Social Media

November 3, 2014

WASHINGTON D.C - November 3, 2014 - Green America’s GMO Inside campaign is calling out the J.M. Smucker Company (Smucker’s) for removing anti-GMO posts and posts critiquing the company’s funding of opposition to GMO labeling ballot initiatives in Oregon and Colorado. 

Over the past week, Smucker’s systematically has removed posts and comments from its Facebook page that are critical of the company’s stance on GMOs. 

The new censorship policy is an extension of the company’s ardent efforts to keep consumers in the dark about GMOs in food products.  According to the Cornucopia Institute, Smucker’s has spent $640,000 this year to oppose Measure 92 in Oregon and Proposition 105 in Colorado.  The company spent $349,977 to oppose Initiative 522 in Washington State last year.

Not only does Smucker’s want to prevent consumers from knowing what’s in their foods, they also don’t want visitors to their Facebook page to know about their opposition to labeling,” said John Roulac, co-chair of the GMO Inside campaign and CEO of Nutiva. “Trying to silence consumer outrage is going to backfire on Smucker’s and turn customers away from them."

Alisa Gravitz, co-chair of GMO Inside and president and CEO of Green America, said: “Instead of blocking consumers’ right to know and censoring their Facebook page, Smucker’s should be making plans to label their foods that have GMOs and work to remove GMOs from their foods, since this is what American consumers increasingly want.  Smucker’s can't afford to alienate more than half of their customers.”

GMO Inside learned of Smucker’s removal of posts critical of the company’s stance on GMOs from consumers whose posts were removed.  GMO Inside staff and allies then made several posts and comments to the Smucker’s Facebook page regarding GMOs over the past several days, all of which were removed within the same day.

Smucker’s is allowing other posts on its Facebook page that voice criticisms of the company, and appears to only be deleting posts that are critical of the company’s position on GMOs.


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