Just in Time for Spring Planting: New Climate Victory Gardens Guide

John and Holly in their Climate Victory Garden with baskets of vegetables
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Major Uptick in Climate-Friendly Gardens Continues with Numbers Nearly Quadrupling in Just One Year; New Resources and Video Available for Climate Victory Garden Beginners and Pros.  


WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 24, 2021 – Gardeners are ready to go for spring planting and Green America, the nonprofit promoting Climate Victory Gardens, has a major new resource for them: a new beginner gardener guide with information on planning, planting, soil health for carbon capture, and maintenance. Since last April, Climate Victory Gardens have almost quadrupled to over 8,600 registered gardens, due in large part to COVID-19 and social distancing.

This year, Green America also released a new video outlining the 5 steps for starting a Climate Victory Garden. Anyone can garden for the planet, and resources are available for all gardeners no matter if they are pros or starting at square one.

Jes Walton, former food campaigns director at Green America, said: “As home gardening grows in popularity, it’s important for gardeners to understand that the techniques they use can have an impact on the planet for better or worse. Climate Victory Gardens are a great alternative to chemical-intensive lawns, they provide food and biodiversity, and when we keep the soil healthy, it can absorb the carbon dioxide driving the climate crisis.”

The new resources for beginner gardeners cover popular topics such as:

  • Container gardening
  • Raised garden beds
  • Growing food indoors
  • Seeds vs. transplants
  • Soil testing
  • Composting
  • Finding local help

Climate Victory Gardens help to fight climate change by fostering healthy soil that can draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Inspired by the “Victory Gardens” campaigns during WWI and WWII that produced 40 percent of the fresh produce consumed in the U.S. at the time, Climate Victory Gardens empower Americans to grow gardens with regenerative agriculture techniques to help address the climate crisis.

Green America estimates that current gardens are offsetting the equivalent of over 40 million miles driven, which shows how Climate Victory Gardens are a meaningful way for people to do something about climate change.

Climate Victory Gardens are being tracked through Green America’s searchable map. To add your own Climate Victory Garden to the map, visit: https://greenam.org/garden.


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