Set goals

person writing about climate victory gardening

Each of us has our own garden vision, and this is the perfect place to start your garden journey.

Take time to think about your dream garden. What do you see? Consider drawing or writing about it (this will help you later on!).

Set garden goals and keep these in mind throughout the rest of your gardening process—maybe your top priority is growing great tomatoes to save money on groceries, getting your kids outside to grow food, or creating a habitat for pollinators.

Garden planning is essential for success and ensures you're making the right decisions for your Climate Victory Garden to have the greatest impact on the climate and your local ecosystems. It’s one of the most important and involved parts of the gardening process, especially when you’re considering carbon capture.

These beginner gardener resources can be viewed as a sort of timeline: choose a location; test and prepare you soil; figure out what, how, and when to grow; and maintain your garden throughout the year.

Read the beginner gardener toolkit for more about the 5 steps to start a garden.