Fair Indigo

children of color of the fair indigo foundation
Madison, WI

Founded in 2006 by a handful of “pragmatic idealists” with years of experience in the apparel industry, Fair Indigo believes when fashion is done right, everyone profits: discerning consumers, farmers, garment workers, and the earth we share.

Our journey has been daunting, humbling, and uplifting. After a strong start, we were nearly wiped out by the financial crisis of 2008 and lost three quarters of our employees. Since then we’ve bootstrapped our way back, focusing on what we do best.

First, we select only the best premium materials because we strongly believe that one of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint is by building clothes that last.  Our Fair Indigo Label garments are made with organic Peruvian pima cotton and dyed with Oeko-tex certified dyes. They’ll endure through years, yes years, of enthusiastic wearing without pilling or shrinking.

For clothing to last, it also needs to be Forever in Fashion. At Fair Indigo, you won’t find Fast Fashion fads, this season’s “must have” whatever, or a slavish devotion to the “Color of the Year,” however garish. As our Style Manager Stacy likes to say, “pretty colors are always in style.”  Our Better Basics are the building blocks to an ethical wardrobe.

Our Joobles organic stuffed animals and accessories are hand knit by Peruvian artisans who proudly share their talents to craft magical characters for babies, kids, and kids at heart – without the worry of harmful chemicals or toy sweatshops.

Taking care of the earth is only half the equation to a cleaner closet. We also must take care of its inhabitants. Our cooperative members and small business employees in Peru are paid fairly, treated with dignity and respect. We visit them every year. Have lunch with them. Listen to their ideas. Laugh with them. Dream with them. When we ask what’s the one thing we could do to make their lives better, with rare exception, their answer is always the same: “send more work.”

The Fair Indigo Foundation supports education in the communities where we make our products. With customers’ $5 donations at checkout, we have been able to support two schools with hiring of teachers, building improvements, and school supplies.

If we win this prize, we would like to create a short video to share the stories of our friends in Peru. We are honored to work with them to bring the world Style with a Conscience