Ethical Apparel: Fed By Threads

Image: Fed by Threads storefront. Title: Ethical Apparel: Fed By Threads
Tucson, AZ

Fed By Threads is the first American-Made "Supply Chain Aware" organic sweatshop-free boutique clothing store and custom print apparel business that only carries certified responsibly manufactured products, and provides emergency meals through the purchase of our ethical apparel.

Since 2012, we have donated over 550,000 meals to some of the 45 million Americans facing food insecurity in the richest country in the world where we collectively throw out 30-40 percentof our food.

By supporting food banks across the country, food that was headed for landfills is redirected to families struggling to put meals on the table. We only carry designers who produce inside the United States paying living wages who use only sustainable cruelty-free fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles that reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Sustainability for us means thinking about the farm workers, the soil quality and run-off, price per lb. of raw product, wages for the mill workers, the labor conditions in the cut & sew factories and how we can reduce the use of chemical pesticides, protect air quality, while educating future consumers to be aware of the impact of their choices.

Fed By Threads is about mobilizing a consumer awareness that doesn't require customers to be revolutionaries. Our customers are making a positive impact in the lives' of people they will never meet.  The long term solution to hunger and inequality is personally-rewarding employment and livable-wage jobs that offer dignity and respect.

Our mission supports de-globalizing fashion and redefining what the triple bottom line means:
Humanitarian + Organic + Made Locally to benefit Locally.

Beyond that, the underlying message is love and respect: The clothing we wear has many stories and truths woven into it, so our goal is to offer our customers the ability to have their dollars vote for a better world that values high-quality, long-lasting craftsmanship as well as positive community and environmental impact. Each time an individual chooses Fed By Threads they are affecting how to "change clothes" responsibly when they manage their closets and create ripple effects that make a difference.

At Fed By Threads, we are proactive about improving global labor markets and positively effecting climate change. We understand, individually, evolving global manufacturing systems is a monumentally difficult task, but like gravel, one grain at a time can redirect a river.