Grow Climate Solutions Webinar

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This webinar is for you if:

  • you are worried about the climate crisis and want to take action that matters.
  • you are wondering how to start a garden that's good for the planet.
  • you are an experienced gardener looking to fine tune your approach.
  • you are just curious about the role gardens can have in climate solutions.

This webinar is about:

Get ready to cover everything from the tiny microbes in our soil all the way up to the earth’s atmosphere, with an extra focus on the climate and how we can affect positive change in our gardens. This webinar is all about Climate Victory Gardening: what it is, why it’s important, and how it works. 

Why the focus on climate? Seventy percent of Americans are worried about the climate, and half of Americans feel helpless in the face of a climate crisis. Our gardens can move the dial a little bit on this problem that can otherwise feel enormous and overwhelming. 

Also, in this time when COVID-19 is at the front of our minds, we can also look to gardening as a way to ease our stress and provide added food security for our families and communities. Gardening that also sequesters carbon takes some planning; a great thing if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands right now.

Note: there’s no such thing as an exact Climate Victory Gardening template that’s going to work for everyone. We’re all gardening in different places, and under different conditions. The goal of this webinar is to give you an understanding of the concept, to inform the hundreds or even thousands of decisions you make in your garden each season. Think of this webinar as a diving board to launch into a new way of thinking about gardening rather than a prescription. 


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