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While he was growing up, Boris Zatezic’s mother would often talk to him about medicinal plants, their properties, and their Latin names, which fascinated him. His mom also used natural remedies to soothe and heal cuts, bumps, and bruises. So from a young age,
he learned to rely on herbs and not on pills for first aid. Once he left his mother’s garden, he carried her plant- based remedies with him.

For a number of years, Zatezic lived, worked, and studied at a biodynamic farm in Sweden, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.This experience made him realize how well connected we are—to each other, to Mother Nature, and to the world around us, he says.

Then, a combination of genes, stress, and the lack of sun in Sweden caused Zatezic to develop eczema and psoriasis. These conditions affected his appearance and his self-confidence. He decided he did not want to rely on the steroid creams recommended by doctors; he wanted to get back to his roots—to rely on herbs. He began to read everything that he could on herbs, essential oils, and natural skin care, which led him to start making his own lotions and balms, based on old recipes and using things that he had learned from his childhood, his life at the biodynamic farm, and his intuition, says Zatezic.

After successfully testing the formulas on himself and his friends, he decided to create his own range of organic skin care products called MuLondon.Today, MuLondon is an independent business based in London.

“I have always believed in the power of nature,” says Zatezic.“MuLondon was created to make a change—a change that is more than skin deep.”

MuLondon offers a selection of highly specialized organic and vegan skin care products: three light and fluffy cleansing foams and six different types of moisturizers: Rose, Rosehip, & Rosemary; Lavender; Hemp; White Chocolate Truffle; Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh; and Fragrance-Free.

Zatezic’s personal favorites are the organic Hemp and the organic Rose, Rosehip, & Rosemary moisturizers: “They have calmed down my eczema, and the scents are great,” he says.

MuLondon products are 100-percent cruelty-free and are made from pure, natural, and certified organic ingredients.They contain no artificial additives, preservatives, or fragrances.The company only uses pure, natural essential oils and herbal extracts for scent, says Zatezic.

The MuLondon range is ideal for sensitive skin; however, it will benefit all skin types—from dry to oily, he says.

All MuLondon ingredients are certified organic whenever possible, and the company uses no palm oil or palm- oil derivatives.

Zatezic also buys ingredients that are fairly traded or from community projects whenever possible.While the availability of these ingredients is limited, he’s in regular contact with his suppliers to inform them of MuLondon’s willingness to purchase fair trade and to ask them if there are any new fairly traded ingredients that he can use.

“Our suppliers need to share our values and comply with our [organic, vegan, and cruelty-free] certifications,” he adds.

To minimize waste, MuLondon outer packaging contains recycled content, and the bubble wrap that keeps the bottles and jars from breaking is biodegradable.

Zatezic says that since its inception in 2008, MuLondon has grown continuously, now selling to customers around the world—from the EU, USA, and Canada to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia.

“We believe that businesses can be run honestly, with respect for our fellow humans, all animals, and the environment,” says Zatezic.