Starbucks to Offer More Plant-Based Milks

Paper coffee cup with logo. Starbucks now offering plant-based milks.

Starbucks has announced that they will be offering more plant-based milks, including almond, coconut, soy, and oat milks, as alternatives to conventional dairy products.

An environmental audit found that dairy was the main source of emissions in the company's supply chain, which prompted this change and the company's goal to reduce carbon emissions by half by 2030.

As one of the world's largest dairy purchasers on earth, this is a win for the climate, with plant-based milks having lower emissions than dairy products, as well as a boon for animal welfare. However, it does little to support struggling small US dairy farms. For Starbuck's remaining dairy milk supply, they could work with farmers to support organic options that reduce climate emissions and provide healthier milks for their customers.

Starbucks made this shift after years of Green America highlighting the company's industrial milk habit and its negative impacts on the planet, and campaigning for their switch to organic milk. Over 150,000 consumers took action with us in our "What the Starbucks" campaign asking the company to address it's enormous climate footprint from dairy milk.