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People's Needs, Not Bankers' GreedPeople's Needs, Not Bankers' Greed


Wall Street is pushing Congress to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), created after the 2008 financial crisis to protect us from scams and predatory financial products and services.

Standing Rock leaders and-camp-CREDIT-Reuters-AlamyTell Banks to Stop Funding DAPL


The Dakota Access Pipeline would destroy drinking water for thousands, ruin sacred sites, and wrongfully take land from indigenous people.

welcome sign in English, Spanish, ArabicOpposing Energy Commission's Appointments & Pipeline Approvals


Over 130 groups are blocking the administration's appointments to the Federal Energy Resource Commission and its rubber stamping of pipelines

welcome sign in English, Spanish, Arabic7 Ways to Spread Love, Not Hate


While the world may feel dark, government actions may feel more hateful than political, or you see the effects of hate ripple through your community, you can counter that hate with these acts of love.

chocolateScoring Chocolate Brands


Our chocolate scorecard helps you find organic and non-GMO chocolates made without child labor.

chocolateGreen Sexy Time


The sexual health products you use in the bedroom can be dangerous to you, your partner, and the workers who make them.

one planet, one people, one futureDe-Funding DAPL


Founder and president of First Peoples Worldwide, Rebecca Adamson, breaks down the DAPL story and how to invest in Standing Rock.


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