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Toxix Substance Control ActTell the Senate: Strong Toxic Chemical Control Needed Now

We need real testing and regulation of the tens of thousands of chemicals that touch our lives every day. The current Senate bill fails to protect human health from toxic chemicals linked to a wide range of diseases and disabilities. Even worse, it would undercut the efforts of states that are trying to regulate toxins.
Toxix Substance Control ActTell Kraft to Remove GMOs from Miracle Whip

Most mayo contains genetically engineered (referred to as GE or GMO) ingredients. These mayos are also frequently made from factory farmed eggs. Tell Kraft to get the GMOs out of, and get humanely produced eggs into, Miracle Whip.
coffee beans in hand ready for export Chocolate: Too Cheap to Be Sustainable

Extremely low cocoa prices – made possible by extreme poverty among West African cocoa producers – could jeopardize the future of chocolate, since young farmers are not replacing the current aging generation.
piggy bank with money Investing in Change

Where you bank and how you invest add up to a lot of social and environmental change.'s servers burn enough energy to power 600,000 homes. 77% is dirty and nonrenewable. take action Tell Clean Up Your Energy

Anything “in the cloud” is stored on servers that require massive amounts of energy to operate—and's Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers are some of the largest and dirtiest in the industry. Take action and tell to build a cleaner cloud!
boy jumping into pool Safer Sunscreen for Summer

Common sunscreen brands can contain toxins so the more you slather, the more problematic ingredients your body absorbs. Try these sunscreens from green companies that are free from the most potent toxins, avoid problematic nanoparticles, and can still protect you from the sun.
women protesting Rana Plaza collapse Victory for Rana Plaza Victims

After two years of public pressure, the Rana Plaza Trust Fund reached its goal of $30 million in compensation for the victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse – the deadliest disaster in the history of the global garment industry. Additionally, the owner of Rana Plaza and 40 others will be tried for murder.
Victory! Similac Infant Formula Removes GMOs Similac Infant Formula Removes GMOs

Green America’s GMO Inside campaign celebrates Abbott’s announcement that it is removing genetically engineered ingredients from two of its Similac formulas. This victory is thanks to the tens of thousands of Green Americans who've taken action.
another GMO Inside victory! Hellmann's offers non-GMO mayo option Hellmann's Offers Non-GMO Mayo

Green America's GMO Inside campaign celebrates another announcement that Hellmann's is releasing a non-GMO mayonnaise dressing made with olive oil. Thanks, Green Americans, for taking action and making this possible.

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