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hands with tomatoes. sharing foodBuy Less, Save Money with Co-ops


Starting a sharing co-op and work less, save money, and help the world.

Tell Smithsonian: Practice What You PrintLearn Collaborative Leadership


Lead collaborative innovation to solve complex sustainability challenges in your business, organization, or community. Oct 17-18, Washington, DC.

Tell Smithsonian: Practice What You PrintTake Action and Tell Smithsonian: Practice What You Print


Tell Smithsonian Institution, a leader in environmental education, to save trees, lower carbon emissions, and reduce trash in landfills by switching to recycled paper for Smithsonian Magazine.

New Green American Magazine: 9 Ways to Take Recycling to the Next Level Recycling & Environmental Justice


Dirty recycling is trashing the neighborhoods of people of color, and it isn't fair.

New Green American Magazine: 9 Ways to Take Recycling to the Next Level 9 Ways to Avoid Recycling Contamination


9 ways you can take recycling to the next level and get your community to recycle more.

New Green American Magazine: Rescue Your Recycling Shrinking Our Waste


In our new issue of the Green American magazine, we examine why other countries are recycling 50-80% of their trash—and the US sits at only 34%, and how Americans can step it up.

Take action: Tell Smucker's to make PB&J great again Take Action: Make PB&J Great Again


Many of the ingredients in Smucker’s fruit spreads and JIF peanut butter are genetically engineered (GMOs). And The J.M. Smucker Company spent over $1 million dollars fighting GMO labeling, to keep Americans in the dark about what is in our food.


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