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Green Economy News & Actions:

Ask Your Representative to Support the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014

Clean Energy Victory Bonds These bonds would fund essential tax credits to renewable sources like wind, solar, and geothermal, as well as companies specializing in energy-efficiency, reducing the amount of CO2 poured into the atmosphere, and creating one million good US jobs that cannot be outsourced. Take action now »

We're Only 2000 Away From 100,000 Letters Sent! Send Your Letter Now »

What the Starbucks?!Tell Starbucks to be a leader in its industry by providing organic dairy milk, from cows not fed GMOs. GMOs increase herbicide resistance, harm our land and water, affect livestock and farmers, and perpetuate corporate-controlled agriculture. Take action now »

Invest in Fossil-Free Funds

We can make a clean-energy economy by refusing to invest in companies that are destroying our planet. Instead, we can shift our investment dollars into clean energy, and support public policies that move us away from fossil fuels. Choose fossil-free mutual funds or build your own fossil-free portfolio »

Join the Climate Ride!

We’re looking for bicyclists who want to take action on climate change! You can join the Green America Team for Climate Ride Midwest (Sept. 6-9), or Climate Ride NYC-DC (Sept. 20-24) »