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Organic agriculture and living soil can combat climate change and feed the world, Dr. Vandana ShivaOrganic Agriculture, Healthy Soil Can Combat Climate Change & Feed the World

Dr. Vandana Shiva explains how.

from living soil to dead dirtFrom Living Soil to Dead Dirt (Infographic)

95% of our food is grown in soil. But one-third of the world’s soils have become degraded—turning them from living soil to dead dirt. This infographic shows the contrast.

bar graphFor the Data Nerds: Can Organics Feed the World?

Rodale Institute scientists share how regenerative agriculture can really feed the world and curb climate change. Includes charts and stats to quench your thirst for hard facts.

Thank Campbell'sThank Campbell's for Labeling GMOs

Recently, Campbell's announced that it will voluntarily label its products with GMOs and supports a mandatory federal labeling standard for GMOs. Thank Campbell's for supporting our right to know what's in our food!

Monsanto Going Carbon Neutral?Monsanto Going Carbon Neutral?!

Monsanto tries to erase a legacy of environmental degradation with a pledge to go carbon neutral.

man doing cartwheel on beach with 2016 written in sandNew Year's Resolutions

What better way to start off the New Year than with a resolution to green your finances while simultaneously promoting a clean-energy economy? Green America has the practical advice and resources to help you get started today.

coins with plant growing5 Cool Calculators & 6 Budgeting Apps

The new year is a good time to revisit your finances and get them in order. These mobile apps and online calculators can help you create an easy-to-use budget and go even further on the road to financial wellness.

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