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Green America staff member taking photo of garbage canAre We Taking Dirty Pictures?

Even clean photos of your dog that you post to Facebook or Instagram and end up in the cloud lead to some dirty business. The cloud is a physical network of many servers that devour a lot of energy, dirty energy.'s servers burn enough energy to power 600,000 homes. 77% is dirty and nonrenewable. take action Tell Clean Up Your Energy

Anything “in the cloud” is stored on servers that require massive amounts of energy to operate—and's Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers are some of the largest and dirtiest in the industry. Take action and tell to build a cleaner cloud!
wind turbine with sunsetLet’s Talk About RECs, Baby

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) can be a tool to help businesses and utilities go green--but not all are created equal.
wind turbine with sunsetTake Action! Break Up the Big Banks

Help break up the big banks that have repeatedly failed our communities. Tell your senators to support the "Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist" bill
credit card swipingYour Credit Card Is Likely Dirty

Most credit cards support tar sands, fracking, bank fraud, predatory lending, and exorbitant executive salaries. Get the Green American credit card which supports your values, and takes care of people and the planet.
poor customer treatment? frowning faceHow Does Your Credit Card Issuer Treat Its Customers?

Megabanks generate thousands of complaints per year for their credit card practices, and several have settlements for millions of dollars. Check our scorecard to see how your credit card issuer ranks.
Toxix Substance Control ActTell Kraft to Remove GMOs from Miracle Whip

Most mayo contains genetically engineered (referred to as GE or GMO) ingredients. These mayos are also frequently made from factory farmed eggs. Tell Kraft to get the GMOs out of, and get humanely produced eggs into, Miracle Whip.

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