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welcome sign in English, Spanish, Arabic7 Ways to Spread Love, Not Hate


While the world may feel dark, government actions may feel more hateful than political, or you see the effects of hate ripple through your community, you can counter that hate with these acts of love.

chocolateScoring Chocolate Brands


Our chocolate scorecard helps you find organic and non-GMO chocolates made without child labor.

Glacier in PatagoniaStop the Assault on Climate and Our Health


Tell Congress to halt the corporate-funded attack on regulatory agencies that protect our health and the health of the planet.

jailed workers in BangladeshLiving Wages, Not Jail


Tell H&M, Gap, Zara, and The North Face to demand release of garment workers who peacefully demonstrated for living wages.

calendar30 Days of Action. We're Moving Forward Together


Let's harness the energy we all have right now with these 30 actions you can take each day to make change in the world. We’re moving forward, with or without Washington.

one planet, one people, one futureGreen, Not Greed


Business as usual is not working, as communities and ecosystems across the globe are being impacted by poor policies and greedy corporations. At the same time, we making tremendous progress towards creating a green economy, which Green America defines as an economy that works for both people and the planet.

one planet, one people, one futureDe-Funding DAPL


Founder and president of First Peoples Worldwide, Rebecca Adamson, breaks down the DAPL story and how to invest in Standing Rock.


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