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Green Business Network™ Fall 2015 Communications and Marketing Intern

Supervisor: Communications & Marketing Manager
Hours: 2 days (16 hours)/week (flexible within a Mon-Thurs business hours schedule)
Dates: Jan 2015 through May 2015 (flexible with school schedule)
Pay: Pay: $1000 stipend, Course Credit Available

Are you fascinated by the changing ways we communicate online? Do you geek out about technology? If you have experience creating web/social media content, you love it, and you want to do it professionally while making a positive impact on the world, this is the internship for you.

Green America (formerly Co-op America) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a just and sustainable society by harnessing economic power for positive change. Our unique approach involves working with consumers, investors, and businesses in their unique roles as economic actors. Our workplace reflects our goal of creating a more cooperative, environmentally sound economy. We have a participatory decision-making process that aims to build consensus within the departments and teams. We’re celebrating 30 years of growing the green economy.

Green America’s Green Business Network (GBN) is the first and largest association of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the nation. Working together, GBN combines community, environmental sustainability, and social justice in a way that builds each business, benefits everyone, and helps heal the planet. The GBN team provides all key services to the approximately 3,000 members that work at the intersection of sustainability and business.

The GBN Communications & Marketing Intern will work directly with the staff of GBN to grow the membership base and communicate to current members. We’re looking for an intern to join our team who loves online communications.

This position is an excellent career-building opportunity. We recommend it for an individual who wants to combine strategic marketing and technical skills in the area of non-profit membership development. It also offers the chance to work with an organization that has been a long-time thought leader, innovator, and collaborator in growing the green marketplace and within a committed, fun community.

Working with us for the fall will provide the equivalent of taking multiple courses in content production and online marketing, plus give you the real-time experience of producing professional marketing and communications work for a highly respected non-profit organization.

You’ll get the opportunity to create content for our membership base, an innovative community of small green business leaders, plus our online audience of people interested in business sustainability.

You’ll also develop and utilize the techie skills you’ll need to grow our online presence. You’ll learn how to update our website, use our email marketing system to produce professional mass email communications, assist with webinars, and prepare graphics for the web. Plus you’ll play a role in our design and development process for a new website we’re building to replace our current site.


  • Working together with the Communications & Marketing Manager, create strategic online communications to current and prospective business members, including emails, promotional and informational web content, news and blog articles, and social media posts.
  • Optimize web content for search engines to increase website traffic.
  • Assist with webinar production and related communications.
  • Edit graphics for web publishing.
  • Contribute to work on additional types of media creation, such as video and podcasting, as needed.
  • Assist in preparation for events, snail mail projects, and periodic workplace tasks as needed.
  • Participate in web design and development process for new website.
  • Assist with marketing and membership database development and updates as needed.


  • Passion for social and environmental justice.
  • Strong interest in working with and learning about small businesses committed to the green marketplace.
  • Web savvy: Can you google a problem and figure out a solution? Do you have a good sense of what makes for compelling web content?
  • Basic HTML skills. You’ll get a crash course in HTML/CSS fundamentals if needed, but preference goes to candidates who know their tags.
  • Comfort with updating web content – maybe you’ve had your own blog, managed a club’s Facebook page, or even designed a site. Let us know what experience you’ve had.
  • Strong desire to utilize and deepen web development and graphic design skills.
  • Strong writing and communication skills, especially for the web and social media.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented.
  • Ability to take initiative in flagging concerns/problems and offering possible solutions.
  • Comfort working independently in a highly collaborative environment where creativity is encouraged.
  • Preference for individual studying communications, marketing, sustainability, business development and/or technology.
  • Sense of humor. Seriously.


Email the following to .

Cover letter: Make sure to tell us what interests you in working with small green businesses, the drivers of the green economy. Please tell us about your web communications experience, and let us know what your favorite sites are for great web content – and why.

Writing Sample: *required

Please provide a writing sample that includes:

  • Web copy: 1 sample Any content written for the web, such as a blog post, an About page, a Kickstarter description. We’re looking to see a strong example of your ability to write spicy but brief, compelling web content for busy readers.
  • Social media copy:3-8 samples Please provide sample Twitter and Facebook posts that promote shareable web content.

Send application to No calls please.

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