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Green Festival Washington DC Regional Director

Reports to:

Green Festival's Program Director, Hans Wohlgefahrt

Conpensation $9500
Duration Now through September

Position Description :

The Regional Director (RD) is Green Festival’s local and regional voice and on-the-ground staffer. The position requires familiarity with the diverse communities of the region – and awareness of green businesses, as well as non-profit organizations dedicated to social and environmental and social justice activism. The RD also is the on-the-ground leader of the local marketing activities that build awareness and attendance.

The RD will have the responsibility for working with the National Programming Director (NPD) to recommend and assist with programming in 3 areas (Good Food Stage, Stage A and Stage B) and deliver an extraordinary event to the community.

Overview of Five Key Areas of Responsibility

PROGRAMMING: Co-create with the National Programming Director an exciting, relevant and thematic program across 3 stages with 30-50 speakers

HOST COMMITTEE: Organize, lead and manage 4 local Host Committee meetings to promote: programming and speaker suggestions; attendee marketing and outreach; and, exhibitor, partner and non-profit organization leads

LEAD GENERATION: Generate exhibitor, partner and non-profit organization leads for the National Sales Director (NSD)

COMMUNITY REPRESENTATION: Represent Green Festival to city/county government, non-profit organizations and community leaders to ensure the event is accessible to all citizens including underserved and diverse communities

LOCAL MARKETING: Engage in local marketing strategies and collaborate with public relations firm and social media team to meet attendance goals


To produce excellent programming that reflects diversity of speakers that provide Green Festival attendees a range of experiences, from inspiration to skills to fun and community –as they apply to our core mission of economic sustainability, environmental balance and social justice.

  • Ensure that the programming is diverse and exciting and that speaker selection reflects a minimum of 30% diversity related to gender, race and ethnicity
  • Engage in an Apply to Speak Campaign upon hire to ensure that speakers are identified and apply to speak through the Online Speaker Application Process;
  • After speakers are selected for the program, assist NPD in copy-editing of presentation descriptions
  • Assist NPD with requesting missing and or new information from speakers for marketing materials
  • Meet weekly with NPD to review speaker applications, discuss programming and event logistics;
  • Meet at least once a month with entire GF team to review progress and goals – via conference calls


  • RD is responsible for recruiting, assembling and working with the Host Committee members to identify initiatives, people and organizations that will assist in making the Green Festival a success via program topics, speakers, partners, exhibitors, marketing, attendance and outreach.
  • As needed RD may establish sub-committees to focus on core interests of the group to maximize outcomes


RD works with Host Committee to identify goals and strategies to engage and interest businesses, government and non-profit organizations to participate as exhibitors

  • Meet with Sales Director (SD) to understand the criteria required for exhibitors to participate
  • Utilize city-specific marketing PDF to email to potential exhibitors, host committee, etc…
  • Send SD every other Friday a package of magazines, newspapers and publications with advertisers
  • Recommend to SD caterers and restaurants that could participate as food vendors
  • Recommend to SD local green business organizations and associations to promote exhibit participation
  • Attend local events to promote Green Festival to businesses and interested participants or attendees
  • Use Google doc to upload lead lists for SD


RD works with Green Festival team members and the Host Committee to identify goals and strategies to engage communities to include city/county governments, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, schools, and community leaders to ensure the event is accessible to all citizens including underserved and diverse communities.

  • Meet with key ‘influencers’ and recommend to Marketing Coordinator the appropriate level of activity for organizations
  • Invite participation on the Host Committee
  • Invite organizations that have had past participation in GFs to participate again and coordinate their interest with Marketing Coordinator
  • Identify and recommend to Marketing Coordinator non-profit organizations that are ideally suited to cross promote and brand Green Festival to its members/constituents


RD works with Green Festival team members and the Host Committee to identify relationships with businesses, media and social media to reach audiences in all targeted communities

  • Identify and recommend organizations to work closely with to achieve success in making GF a destination for their members;
  • Attend local events to promote Green Festival;
  • Refer all organizations who are candidates for providing mailing lists, promotions or e-communication opportunities to Marketing Coordinator
  • Ensure that all marketing materials are distributed through Host Committee and recruited street team
  • Work with Marketing Coordinator to ensure that calendar listings are posted, blogging, and all social media is engaged

Additional Responsibilities

Pre-event and Onsite Activities

  • If called upon, assist Operations Director with delivery of any “wet signatures” for compliance or legal documents
  • Assist NPD in the review and set-up of the stages and pavilions
  • Review all Speaker and Host Committee badges for accuracy
  • Assist with calling any speakers to confirm their participation
  • Assist in Stage Managers and Speaker Registration training on Friday
  • Contribute to the overall program execution during event days


  • Execute follow-up tasks including: compiling program information; completing any speaker contact information in database; and, sending thank you letters to speakers, host committee members and special participants and contributors to the event.

Management of the Regional Director:

  • The RD programming supervisor is the National Program Director, Hans Wohlgefahrt.
  • The RD’s exhibitor (and Partner) lead generation advisor is Sales Director, Karen Ferrel
  • Weekly conference call meetings with the NPD involve reviewing deadlines AND determining speakers/workshops based on the Online Speaker Application Process;
  • Bi-weekly conference call meetings with the entire GF team provide information sharing, problem solving and priority setting.


Expenses are capped at $300 per month for reimbursement for the following out of pocket costs:

  • Admittance to events to promote Green Festival
  • Travel to meetings reimbursed at the government approved rate of $0.50 per mile if using personal vehicle or receipt for public transportation
  • Cell phone expenses that exceed average monthly bill prior to work commencement
  • Cell phone bill for previous months must be provided to establish base line expense
  • Administrative postage expenses

Additional Expenses Covered by Green Festival:

  • Host Committee hospitality. A budget of $300 per meeting for food/beverage and venue
  • (Green Festival anticipates approximately 4 host committee meets and the cap for this line item is $1200 for each city)
  • Green Festival Business cards personalized
  • Customized fliers or other printed marketing collateral requested and approved

Feedback and Measurement

Feedback in the form of self-evaluation by the NPD will be conducted in the manner most convenient for all parties. The RD is responsible for a final WRAP Report to the GF team within 30 days of the event.

Due to the overwhelming volume of resumes that we receive, we cannot respond to every applicant.  Only those applicants asked to come in for an interview will be contacted.

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