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05/12/2016 130,000 Call on Olive Garden to Adopt Ethical ‘Good Food’ Practices

05/10/2016 Green America and American Sustainable Business Council Call For Clear and Commonsense Definition of “Natural” Foods

04/20/2016 Green Businesses Nationwide Support Stronger Methane Regulation on Public Lands

04/20/2016 Support Continues to Build for Clean Energy Victory Bonds

04/18/2016 More than 20,000 Individual & 401(k) Investors Call for Fossil Free Retirement Options

04/14/2016 Business leaders ask IRS employees to give up coffee buzz for bees

04/05/2016 “Practice What You Print” Campaign Urges Smithsonian Magazine to Begin Using Recycled Paper

03/24/2016 Largest U.S. restaurant company targeted over treatment of workers, animals, environment

03/10/2016 3 U.S. Small Businesses Recognized For Green “Do-It-Yourself” Products and Services

02/04/2016 Upon Signing, Environmental Groups Denounce Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

02/02/2016 Green America Congratulates Hellmann’s For Major Step On Non-GMO Products

02/01/2016 Green America Strongly Supports Senator Udall’s Clean Energy Victory Bonds Amendment to the Senate Energy Bill

01/13/2016 State of the Union Address Is Starting Point for Green Economy Benefitting All Americans

01/08/2016 Major Step Forward Seen in Campbell’s Support for National Mandatory GMO Labeling Standard, Voluntary Labeling of Products in Absence of Standard

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A Curbside Crisis

Do you cross the street to put your soda can in the recycling bin or avidly pluck plastics and paper from your neighbor’s trash cans? The current state of recycling in the United States may surprise you.

How to Be a Merry Environmentalit
Christmas trees for tree huggers

Here’s something to consider this holiday season: Stop sending greeting cards. You don’t have to be a Grinch to get rid of this wasteful holiday tradition.

We're All Taking Dirty Pictures
Green America Cloud Computing

Cloud computing comes with an enormous environmental price tag. The companies behind the cloud have a responsibility to build a cloud that runs on renewable energy, like wind and solar power.

Did Slaves Catch Your Seafood?
Cellphone Pile

Thousands of poor Thais are tricked into slavery every year. It’s time for governments, companies, and consumers to stop turning a blind eye to slavery in the seafood sector.

Your Smartphone Could Be Poisoning Children
Cellphone Pile

The scale of the impact to children is harder to measure for a lack of knowledge within the medical community about risks to pregnant women and their children. It’s time for companies to institute safer chemicals and procedures for electronics manufacturing.

A Fracking Boondoggle
Fracking Political Cartoon

The federal and state governments have already approved many aspects of the Cove Point project. If it goes forward, the number of fracking wells in the surrounding area will skyrocket. We need to stop this to protect our water and our families. »  

Too Big to Sue
Intersection Sign

Years after their wrongdoing ignited the financial crisis, the Justice Department apparently is acting like massive U.S. banks are too big to prosecute. The range of abuses and crimes committed by banks seems to grow without end. This has to change. »

Toxic Tech
Apple Logo

Electronics companies must take responsibility for their supplier factories no matter where in the world they choose to make their products. They must halt the use of benzene and other chemicals dangerous to human health starting today. »

Time to Strengthen Emissions Standards for Power Plants

The Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that the EPA may regulate greenhouse gases as pollutants dangerous to human health under the Clean Air Act. Limits on new power plants were first proposed in 2012.
It's time to enforce pollution standards »

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Please contact Todd Larsen by email
or by phone at 202-872-5307.

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