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Sabra Hummus: Stop Mixing in the GMOs

Tell Sabra Hummus: Stop Mixing in the GMOs Sabra hummus contains genetically engineered ingredients. Sabra's parent company, PepsiCo, is one of the largest supporters of the anti-GMO labeling movement, fighting consumer’s right to know. Take action now »

Tell Amazon To Really Act on Climate Change

Amazon loves coalAmazon has not made commitments to major investments in clean energy sourcing and is looking to build a new data center powered by coal. Take action now »

Your Credit Card Likely Supports Dirty Practices

credit card swiping Most credit cards support tar sands, fracking, bank fraud, predatory lending, and exorbitant executive salaries. Get the Green American credit card which supports your values, and takes care of people and the planet »

Tell FERC: Stop Approval Extreme Energy Extraction

polluting power plantMore and more communities are experiencing the harmful impacts of gas fracking and tar sands, including poisoned air and water, ruined infrastructure, earthquakes, and home evacuations. Take action »

Where does your money for chocolate go?

$83 billion. where does your money for chocolate go? infographic “Big Chocolate” brings in $83 billion per year. We traced the conventional cocoa supply chain to show where the majority of consumers' money ends up. Find out on our chocolate supply chain infographic »

Tell Godiva: Purchase Cocoa Beans Made Without Child Labor

chocolate Other high-end chocolate companies use third-party certifcation to ensure that their products aren't tainted with child slave labor and the exploitation of cocoa-producing communities, but Godiva does not. Take action »