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Tell The Children's Place: It's Time to Pay Rana Plaza VictimsTell The Children's Place: It's Time to Pay Rana Plaza Victims
Almost two years after Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh, major brands, including The Children’s Place, still refuse to pay full and fair compensation to survivors and the families of victims.
human right to water, climate change, pesticide monitoring, worker compensation, deforestation - Stockholders, cast your voteVote on the Right to Water
Shareholders around the world are using their economic power to encourage corporate responsibility, including dismantling apartheid, encouraging equal treatment for gay and lesbian workers, addressing climate change, and supporting the human right to water.
How does your hummus compare? Check out our scorecardHow Does Your Hummus Compare?
Our hummus scorecard compares a number of leading brands, ranging from the very worst (Sabra, owned by PepsiCo) to the very best.
tell USDA and HHS: protect our health and our planet, not Big Food's profitsTell USDA and HHS: Protect Our Health and Planet, Not Big Food's Profits
USDA and HHS may finally consider the health of the planet in their dietary guidelines! But Big Food is trying to stop them.
Victory! Hershey to go non-GMOVictory! Hershey's Kisses GMO Sugar Goodbye
Bowing to pressure from Green America's GMO Inside campaign, Hershey's Kisses and milk chocolate bars are switching to non-GMO sugar.
A World of Hurt - 8 things you didn't know were made with sweatshop labor8 Items Made with Sweatshop Labor
"A World of Hurt" looks at 8 common things you didn't know were made with slave and sweatshop labor.
we need to stop Fast Track trade agreements now!Stop Fast Track Secret Trade Deals
These two major trade deals would put corporate interests ahead of state, local and federal laws. They would also have negative impacts on food safety, workers’ rights, and the environment.

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