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New Green American Magazine: 9 Ways to Take Recycling to the Next Level Recycling & Environmental Justice

Dirty recycling is trashing the neighborhoods of people of color, and it isn't fair.

New Green American Magazine: 9 Ways to Take Recycling to the Next Level 9 Ways to Avoid Recycling Contamination

9 ways you can take recycling to the next level and get your community to recycle more.

New Green American Magazine: Rescue Your Recycling Shrinking Our Waste

In our new issue of the Green American magazine, we examine why other countries are recycling 50-80% of their trash—and the US sits at only 34%, and how Americans can step it up.

Tell Smithsonian: Practice What You PrintTake Action and Tell Smithsonian: Practice What You Print


Tell Smithsonian Institution, a leader in environmental education, to save trees, lower carbon emissions, and reduce trash in landfills by switching to recycled paper for Smithsonian Magazine.

Take action: Tell Smucker's to make PB&J great again Take Action: Make PB&J Great Again

Many of the ingredients in Smucker’s fruit spreads and JIF peanut butter are genetically engineered (GMOs). And The J.M. Smucker Company spent over $1 million dollars fighting GMO labeling, to keep Americans in the dark about what is in our food.

Tell Disney to stop exploiting workers making its toys including Frozen dolls Take Action: End Disney's Dark World of Labor Abuse

A recent report found appalling labor conditions at two of Disney’s supplier factories in China, including forced overtime, unsanitary conditions, and little pay. All this while Disney's CEO made $45 million dollars last year.

Ask for predatory payday loans to be regulatedTake Action: End Predatory Payday Loans

Payday lending has become big business on the backs of people struggling economically and is now a $46 billion financial industry. Tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to regulate these loans.


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