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Halloween chocolateFair Trade Trick or Treat

When your doorbell rings on Halloween and you reach for the candy bowl to hand out treats to the fairies, pirates, and superheroes outside, you can send your trick-or-treaters away with more than just sweets in their bags.

When you hand out Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate, your Halloween offering represents a guaranteed fair income for workers who spend their days in the cocoa fields. You take a stand for fairness across the supply chain, and your choice of candy can help educate your trick-or-treaters—and their families—about Fair Trade.

Why Fair Trade?
According to the United Nation’s Children’s Fund, 200,000 children in West Africa work under forced labor conditions on cocoa farms. The US government is currently being sued by the International Labor Rights Fund for failing to enforce laws prohibiting the import of products made with child labor, and the chocolate industry has blown by numerous deadlines set in negotiations with Congress for self-regulations.

Fair Trade chocolate offers a way around these problems, so you can feel good about your candy purchase and support cocoa workers at the same time. Fair Trade ensures that farmers and workers received a fair minimum price for their product, helping them support their families and send their children to school rather than into the field. Most Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate sold in the US is also certified organic and shade-grown, which helps maintain the biodiversity of cocoa-cultivating ecosystems, provides shelter for migratory birds, and uses less energy than conventional farming.

“Halloween is an opportune time to educate children about Fair Trade and efforts to end child slavery around the world,” says Tex Dworkin, Fair Trade online store manager for Global Exchange. “Last year, we sold out of our first run of Halloween chocolate in three days. Consumers proved that when given a choice, they would make the right one, choosing Fair Trade chocolate for trick-or-treaters.”

What's Available for Halloween?
Again this year, Global Exchange is offering its specially designed “trick-or-treat kits” that include individually wrapped, bite-sized chocolates; colorful postcards about Fair Trade for your trick-or-treaters; traditional “Day of the Dead” streamer decorations handmade by artisans in Mexico; and more. You can also purchase the chocolates without the kit, as well as other fairly traded items for Halloween decorating. Visit the Global Exchange online store here, or jump straight to the kits.

Equal Exchange, Dagoba, and SERRV International also offer smaller-sized chocolates that may be appropriate for trick-or-treaters. For other companies that sell full-sized Fair Trade Certified™ bars, baking chocolates, cocoa mix, and more, check the National Green Pages™.


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