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Economic action to create a just global economy for farmers and artisans


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What You Can Do

Fair Trade is a people-powered solution to global economic injustice. Join the movement for a more just world! Here are some ideas for how you and others in your community can work together to promote Fair Trade.

1. Buy Fair Trade products when you shop
Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label (above) when purchasing coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, mangoes, and other fresh fruit. When shopping for gifts, housewares, clothing, and other fairly traded crafts, support members of the Fair Trade Federation listed in Green America's National Green Pages™.  
>>> Learn more on available Fair Trade products

2. Educate yourself and others
Use our new Guide to Fair Trade to find descriptions of dozens of national and international Fair Trade products.  Learn where to find them using our extensive directory of almost 200 Fair Trade businesses and organizations.  Take action in the Fair Trade movement by following the step-by-step plan for mobilizing your organization and local producers.  Tell your friends--distribute copies of the Guide at festivals and conferences around the country.  Pass them out to your faith community.  Stock your local fair trade store or other socially conscious shops. 
>>>Download the Guide or order free copies

3. Bring Fair Trade to Your Supermarket
Consumers have the power to build the market for Fair Trade products by getting supermarkets to stock and promote them. Forming an Adoption Team with your friends, school, faith congregation, or community center is a great way to bring people together and promote Fair Trade in your town.
>>> Learn more about how to bring Fair Trade to your supermarket

4. Host a Fair Trade film screening
There are an increasing number of documentaries being made about Fair Trade. By hosting a film showing in your home, office, or place of worship, you can spread the word about Fair Trade, spend time with friends, and of course, enjoy some tasty Fair Trade treats. Visit Fair Trade Resource Network for a complete list of films and reviews.
>>> Join Green America's National Week of Dark Side of Chocolate screenings

5. Make your town a Fair Trade Town!
Fair Trade Towns USA is a campaign to help local and communities organizers gain the tools and resources they need to become a fair trade town or city through successful local campaigns. Launched in October 2007 in the US, the campaign is modeled after Europe’s successful Fair Trade Towns movement.
>>> Visit Fair Trade Towns USA for more info!

6. Become Part of Green America's Fair Trade Alliance
Have your school, workplace, place or worship, or community group work to promote Fair Trade. Green America members and friends across the country are getting their communities involved in promoting Fair Trade. You can too.
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7. Find more Resources
Use our Fair Trade Resources to link to other organizations working in the Fair Trade movement!



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