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Guide to Socially Responsible Investing

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Choose a Bank

Banking isn’t just about standing in line anymore. It’s an opportunity for you to get the services you need while putting your checking and savings accounts to work for healthy, thriving communities everywhere.

By moving your everyday bank accounts—savings, checking, money markets, and CDs—to a community development bank or credit union, you can put your money to work revitalizing economically depressed areas. Your deposits in these banks are loaned out to help people help themselves. And, these institutions offer competitive interest rates and insure their accounts up to $250,000.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Examine your current accounts
Look at the fees you pay; the interest you earn; the services offered. Decide which you could move to a community development bank or credit union.

2. Research community development options
Check out community development banks, credit unions and loan funds. Look into their fees, interest rates, the types of services they offer, the area of the country they support, and the types of community investments they make. Many institutions offer online banking.

Find options through our National Green Pages™ and through the Community Development Bankers' Association or the Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.


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Guide to Socially Responsible Investing
Practical advice for investing in a better world
Discover real saving strategies that work for you
How your checking account can build healthy communities
Mutual funds that value what you care about
Plus a comprehensive directory of financial advisors and resources to get you started