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In this issue...
PAGE 3: Climate Justice: We Have Work to Do
PAGE 4: Victory! Senate Votes to Ban Slave- and Child-Labor Imports
PAGE 5:Moving Forward Depite Supreme Court Decision on Clean Power Plan
PAGE 6: New GMO Frankenfoods on the Horizon
PAGE 8: Investors Confront Corporate Money in Politics
PAGE 10: Electric Co-op Members Taking New Leadership
PAGE 11: Victory! Hellmann's Offers Two More Non-GMO Varieties
PAGE 11: Clean Energy Victory Bonds Reach the Senate
PAGE 12: Climate Justice for All
PAGE 17: Black Lives Matter in a Changing Climate
PAGE 20: Native Leaders Lend Strength to the Climate Change Fight
PAGE 22: The Power of Latino Voices on Climate
PAGE 24: Mohamed Nasheed: Climate Champion for the Word's Most Vulnerable
PAGE 26: Climate Justice Resources
PAGE 27: A Climate Justice for All Discussion Guide
PAGE 28: From the NAACP: 9 Things You Can Do to Advance Climate Justice
PAGE 29: Organic Valley Surpasses $1 Billion in Sales for 2015
PAGE 30: Letters & Advice

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Spring 2016 Issue
Climate Justice for All

Climate Justice for All coverPeople of color are on the front lines of the climate crisis—and are leading the call for equitable protection and meaningful action.
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Featured Articles:

Black Lives Matter for a Changing Climate
Some Black Live Matter activists are making connections on how communities of color are protected from the effects of climate change—as they are often hardest hit by them.
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Native Leaders Lend Strength to the Climate Change Fight
Because of the lack of jurisdiction and federal support, tribal territories are often targeted by companies with climate-changing infrastructure. Read more »

The Power of Latino Voices on Climate
Hernandez Hammer realized that Latinos across the country were bearing the brunt of climate-change effects when she was the assistant director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University. Read more »

Mohamed Nasheed: Climate Champion for the World’s Most Vulnerable
Because many lie only a few feet above sea level, island nations are already experiencing the most negative impacts of the climate crisis, and they will be the first to go underwater and lose their homes as sea levels rise higher. Read more »

On the Duties of Privilege: Getting the Conversation Started
Bernard Yu, Green America’s content strategist and information architect, has experience facilitating dialogue among participants from different backgrounds. Bernard offers this advice to groups working on climate justice who would like to become more diverse and inclusive. Read more »

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