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In this issue...
PAGE 5: FDA Okays GE Alfalfa
PAGE 6: How to Invest in Your Community
PAGE 8: Caring for Children and Elders -- Cooperatively
PAGE 9: How Meredith and Ellen Started a Summer Camp Co-op
PAGE 11: Solar Electric Light Fund Brings Power to Haiti
PAGE 12: Wins Our BEA Award
PAGE 13: Green America Meets With Labor Secretary Hilda Solis
PAGE 14: What's That on Your Skin?
PAGE 16: 9 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products
PAGE 17: Do Labels Mean Anything?
PAGE 19: Legislation to Watch
PAGE 21: Want Safe Body Care? Mix it Up and Make it a Party
PAGE 22: New Cell Phone Study, and a Pilot Program for Schools

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April/May 2011
Poisonous Personal Care

Organic or Local?The average American uses nine personal care products every day, with 126 unique chemical ingredients. Many are linked to cancer and other serious health effects.

This issue of the Green American points you toward the healthiest products, explains the US system for reviewing the chemicals in body care products, and dives into strategies for making green living more affordable.

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Featured Articles:

9 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products
Find product safety ratings at Find research on individual ingredients at, and always avoid these nine worst toxins.
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Caring for Children and Elders, Cooperatively
Cooperative arrangements cement friendships and strengthen communities. Save money while enlisting people you trust to care for your family members. Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Our Jennifer Redfearn Interview
Green America's Tracy Fernandez Rysavy talks to Jennifer Redfearn, director of the Oscar-nominated short film "Sun Come Up," an exploration of the consequences of climate change in Papua New Guinea. Read more »

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