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PAGE 3: Big Green-Economy Breakthroughs
PAGE 4:Hasbro and Disney: Protect Toy Workers!
PAGE 5:TTIP Threatens Food Safety, Consumers' Right to Know
PAGE 5:Apple Still Has Work to Do to Protect Factory Workers
PAGE 6: Procter & Gamble Discloses Ingredients in Feminine Products
PAGE 7: Upcycled Gifts for the Holidays
PAGE 10: Why Investing in Women Pays Off
PAGE 13: Victory: Green Businesses Help Spur EPA to Regulate All US Power Plants
PAGE 14: Our New Center for Sustainability Solutions—Creating System Change for a Green Economy
PAGE 15: Victory! President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
PAGE 15: Green America Advances Fossil-Fuel Divestment
PAGE 16: 2015 Green America Victories!
PAGE 19: Soil NOT Oil: The Key to Curbing Climate Change
PAGE 20: Living Soil
PAGE 24: INFOGRAPHIC: Living Soil vs Dead Dirt
PAGE 26: Regenerative, Organic Agriculture: Cool the Climate, Feed the World
PAGE 30: Letters & Advice

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Winter 2015 Issue
Soil Not Oil: How Organics Can Feed the World

Soil Not Oil coverDr. Vandana Shiva on how preserving healthy soil is key to curbing climate change, feeding the world, and lifting up the poor.
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Featured Articles:

Regenerative, Organic Agriculture: Cool the Climate, Feed the World
Can organic farming feed the world and curb the climate crisis? The nonprofit Rodale Institute, PA, has one of the longest-running field trials showing that it can.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Living Soil vs. Dead Dirt
95% of our food is grown in soil. But one-third of the world’s soils have become degraded—turning them from living soil to degraded dirt. Read more »

Upcycled Gifts for the Holidays
Looking for thoughtful green gift ideas for the holidays but worried about holiday-related resource use? Iif you want to find gifts that maximize recycling/upcycling and minimize waste, consider the green companies that made it into the list of top ten finalists for the Summer 2015 round of Green America’s People & Planet Award. Read more »

Hasbro and Disney: Protect Toy Workers!
Toy companies like Hasbro and Disney that do business in China are hiding a dark secret—millions of workers toil in the Chinese factories in their supply chains under cruel, backbreaking conditions. Read more »

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Organic or Local Food?
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Don't Have a Cow
mericans eat too much red meat—with tremendous impacts on our health, our environment, and the climate crisis. It’s time to tell everyone you know to eat less beef—or none at all. Read more »

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