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PAGE 3: Save Your Life—
Save the Planet
PAGE 4: GMO Grass:
Coming to a Lawn Near You?
PAGE 5: VICTORY: Apple to Remove Two Potent Toxins from Supplier Factories
PAGE 5: VICTORY: National Geographic Switches to Recycled Paper
PAGE 6: Does Your Credit Card Support Big Coal?
PAGE 7: Scorecard for Investments in Coal
PAGE 8: The Shame of Stereotypes as Team Mascots
PAGE 11: People & Planet Awards Winners Benefit from Community Investing
PAGE 12: The Cost of Eating Cows
PAGE 13: What’s Your Carbon “Foodprint”? !
PAGE 14: Too Much Bad Beef
PAGE 19: 5 Steps to Better Dairy
PAGE 20: Best Option: Go Vegan!
PAGE 22: Why Just “Eat Less Meat”?

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Fall 2014 Issue
Don’t Have A Cow

Don't Have A Cow GAM 99 coverAmericans eat too much red meat—with tremendous impacts on our health, our environment, and the climate crisis. It’s time to tell everyone you know to eat less beef—or none at all. Read "Don't Have A Cow" »

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Featured Articles:

Best Option: Go Vegan!
Nutritionist chefs Jasmine Simon and Marji Simon Meinefeld show you how, simply and joyfully.
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5 Steps to Better Dairy
Tips for reducing your "foodprint" when it comes to dairy choices. Read more »

The Shame of Stereotypes as Team Mascots
Names and images cause real harm to our youth and to tribal communities. What you need to know and how you can help. Read more »

WEB Exclusives:

Something That Means Justice: An Interview with Suzan Shown Harjo

How Stereotypes Hurt: An Interview with Dahkota Franklin Kicking Bear Brown
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Avoid soda, juice, and artificial sweeteners; eat breakfast; exercise; and more. Read more »

GMOs & the Case for Precaution
Whether it's GMOs, pesticides, or other experiments that affect our health, why don't we require corporations to wait for science to prove safety? Read more »

9 GM Ingredients to Avoid
These are the top GM ingredients to watch out for on your plate. Read more »

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