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PAGE 3: Best. Year. Ever.
PAGE 4: Fossil-Free Movement Celebrates
New High-Profile Divestors
PAGE 5: GMOs in the Market: Advances and Setbacks
PAGE 6: INFOGRAPHIC: Join the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement
PAGE 7: Green Holiday Gift
Ideas for Children

PAGE 10: New Favorite
Holiday Recipes

PAGE 14: 4 New Year’s
Resolutions for Financial Health

PAGE 17: Former Seventh Generation CEO Launches Fair Trade Condom Company
PAGE 17: 1,000 Businesses Call for Action on Climate Change
PAGE 18: GMO Inside Celebrates November Election Wins, Calls Out Smucker’s
PAGE 18: Serve on Green
America’s Board!
PAGE 19: New Online Application for Green America Visa
PAGE 19: Honoring Two Pioneers
PAGE 20: The Rise of the Collaborative Commons, from Author and futurist Jeremy Rifkin
PAGE 20: Toward a Sharing Economy
PAGE 26: 7 Green Reasons
to Celebrate

PAGE 30: Letters & Advice: Celebrating 100 Issues

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Winter 2014 Issue
7 Green Reasons to Celebrate

The Green Economy's Best Year Ever!This issue of the Green American marks our 100th issue. While we’ve had some terrific victories over the years since we published our first issue (then called Building Economic Alternatives) in 1985, we’ve been seeing more rapid results in recent years to our action campaigns, most markedly in 2014, where our campaigns enjoyed their most impactful year yet. Read "7 Green Reasons to Celebrate" »

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