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PAGE 3: The High Cost of Clothes
PAGE 4:Dollar Store Items Found to Be Riddled with Toxins
PAGE 4:The DARK Act: Profit Before People’s Right to Know
PAGE 5: Chipotle, Panera Take Steps for Good Food
PAGE 5: Chemical Reform Bill Still Fails to Protect Families
PAGE 6: Aging in Place and Community
PAGE 8: Biomimicry in Investing
PAGE 11: Stay Vocal CEO Launches Reuse! Documentary
PAGE 11: Green Business Network® Unveils New Website
PAGE 12: Green America Celebrates Our New Executive Co-Directors
PAGE 12: VICTORY: Campbell’s Removes GMOs and more
PAGE 13: “Cocoa Barometer” Report Predicts End of Chocolate
PAGE 13: Spring People & Planet Award Recognizes Green Celebration Companies
PAGE 14: Detox Your Closet
PAGE 16: The (Toxic) Fabrics of Our Lives
PAGE 18: Four Labels for Less Toxic Clothes
PAGE 20: INFOGRAPHIC: The Road to Toxic Clothing
PAGE 22: 7 Tips for Less Toxic Togs
PAGE 23: GMO Cotton & India’s Farmers
PAGE 24: The Trouble with Nano-Fabrics
PAGE 26: Good, Green Choices
PAGE 29: Make Do and Mend: Reuse at Home
PAGE 30: Letters & Advice

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Fall 2015 Issue
Detox Your Closet: The Search for Less-Toxic Clothes

Detox Your Closet coverCreating clothes from field to factory can result in a whole lot of toxins being unleashed on workers, on the planet, and even on you and your family. Here’s how you can avoid fashion disasters.
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7 Tips for Less Toxic Togs
It’s a good idea to exercise precaution and avoid even a little exposure to toxins used in clothing manufacture. Use these 7 tips to stay safe at home. Read more »

Make Do and Mend: Reuse at Home
Often, clothes end up in the discard pile because they need a simple mend. Use these resources to extend the life of your favorites. Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: The Road to Toxic Clothing
It isn't just pesticides on textile crops that makes clothes toxic. They're often coated with a whole host of chemicals. Here are 11 of the worst, named by Greenpeace. Read more »

The Trouble with Nano-Fabrics
Clothes won’t smell when your exercise session is over? You may want to think twice about buying clothes making such claims. Read more »

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