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PAGE 3: The Power is In Your Hands
PAGE 4: Harry Potter-Brand Chocolates Go Fair Trade
PAGE 4: BPA Substitute May Be Toxic to Human Brain
PAGE 5: Children at Higher Risk from Cell Phone Exposure
PAGE 6: 10 Herbs for Topical Healing
PAGE 10: Investors For Bangladeshi Worker Rights
PAGE 13: Goodweave Founder Kailash Satyarthi Wins Nobel Peace Price
PAGE 14: Amazon Inches Forward on Climate Change
PAGE 14: Get GMOs Out of Sabra!
PAGE 15: Hummus score card
PAGE 15: Fall People & Planet Award Lauds Companies Addressing Poverty
PAGE 16: Sweatshops of Every Kinds
PAGE 18: A World of Hurt
PAGE 23: The Ghost Fleet
PAGE 29: Meet Deepak: Why Deepak Panjwani donated his “sweat equity” to Green America
PAGE 30: Letters and Advice
PAGE 31: McDonald’s “Journey to Sustainable Beef”

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Spring 2015 Issue
A World of Hurt

A World of Hurt Cover21st century sweatshops produce goods for unsuspecting consumers. Here are 6 common things made with slave labor. Read "A World of Hurt" »

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The Ghost Fleet: The Problem with Seafood from Thailand
The world’s third-largest seafood exporter finds itself short by about 60,000 crew members every year, so human traffickers help boat captains fill that gap by kidnapping. Read more »

Investors For Bangladeshi Worker Rights
The manufacturing boom in the country comes with a heavy price for workers. Find out what you can do. Read more »

10 Best Herbs for Healing Your Skin Gently
The same plant chemicals that boost health after they’ve been ingested will also support the body from the outside.
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Fair Labor at Home
Wage theft, sweatshop conditions, and slave labor happen in the US, especially to immigrant workers. But they aren’t passive victims of exploitation—they’re leading the fight. Read more »

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