Green America Welcomes Five Newly Elected Board Members

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Green America is pleased to announce that at our first board meeting of 2020 in April we will welcome five newly elected board members: Bama Athreya, Eleanor Greene, Julie Lineberger, Carolyn Parrs, and Brady Quirk-Garvan. Green America’s board of directors draws representatives from each of our stakeholder groups—individual members, green business members, and our staff worker members—to help oversee and guide our economic action plans. 

Bama Athreya, based in Washington, DC, elected by our individual members, is a Fellow at Open Society Foundations. She has worked in the past with USAID with a focus on gender and social inclusion and with the International Labor Rights Forum during which she worked with Green America on the Ending Child Labor in Cocoa Campaign. Bama shared: “I’ve cared about ethical trade throughout my career and have long valued my affiliations with Green America going back about 20 years! I look forward to supporting Green America’s efforts to organize and build a grassroots movement for change.” 

Eleanor Greene, based in Washington, DC, elected by Green America’s worker member staff, joined the staff in 2016 and serves as Green America’s editor in chief. Prior to that, she worked in social media and communications at organizations focusing on sustainable innovation, regenerative agriculture, education, and the arts. She served as the editor in chief of AWOL Magazine at American University, where she also studied journalism. Eleanor states: "I've learned a lot about Green America in the past four years I've worked here and I'm excited to learn about the organization from a different perspective as a board member. I'm honored to serve the staff as a worker-member representative and be part of shaping Green America's future." 

Julie Lineberger, based in Vermont, was re-elected by Green America’s Worker member staff, and runs two green companies, Linesync Architecture and Wheelpad. Julie has served on Green America’s board as chair and is a long-standing member of Green America’s Green Business Network. Julie affirmed: “I am delighted to be re-elected to the Green America board, especially at this crucial time in our country when Green America’s commitments to clean energy, safe food, responsible finance and fair labor have never been more important.” 

Carolyn Parrs, based in Washington State, was elected by members of Green America’s Green Business Network. Carolyn leads Mind Over Markets which provides marketing and branding expertise for sustainable businesses, as well as Women of Green, an online community that “turns up the volume” on the feminine voice in the green movement. Carolyn has conducted webinars for Green Business Network members over the years to strengthen their public presentation. “We are entering a new era of sustainability (the global market for sustainability products hit $2.65 trillion) and it’s more important than ever for all of us to be as engaged as possible. Our time is now,” stated Carolyn.  

Brady Quirk-Garvan, based in South Carolina, was elected by worker member staff. He works with Natural Investments/Money with a Mission, a firm dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible investing. Brady is a member of Green America and of our Green Business Network. He was recognized last fall in Charleston Business’ 2019 Best & Brightest 35 and Under and expresses his commitment to serving on Green America’s board: “In these turbulent times, when larger institutions are failing to lead on the environment and social justice, it is up to us consumers, investors, businesses, and activists to push forward. I am honored to join Green America’s board.” 

Green America extends special thanks to outgoing board members Jeff Marcous (board chair), Scott Kitson, Adam Ortiz, and Meredith Sheperd. 

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