Climate Victory Garden Commitments

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Every Climate Victory Garden is going to look different and we encourage this diversity. By committing to the below Climate Victory Garden principles, you are committing to garden in the spirit of climate change mitigation. We understand that not all of these principles can be implemented everywhere by everyone. We encourage you to do your best and commit to incorporating as many principles as possible. We hope that over time you can incorporate all of the principles. 


climate garden commitments



commit to a climate gardenWe are calling on YOU to be a part of the climate change solution!

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My garden can be a tool in the fight against climate change.

I will take action to restore my soil, to help it pull carbon from the air and store it underground. I will choose gardening methods, tools, and products with climate benefits that reduce or eliminate emissions. I acknowledge that these practices also benefit my health and the food I grow.


I will:


Grow Edible Plants (* #)


Reduces food miles, decreases grocery bills, encourages seasonal eating, establishes a close relationship with food[2] 


Actions: plant your favorite foods, share with your neighbors


Keep Soils Covered (+ #)


Decreases water use, curbs erosion, and protects local water sources[3] 


Actions: apply mulch, leave plant residues, plant cover crops, strategically allow weeds


Encourage Biodiversity, Above and Below Ground (+ #)


Ensures healthy soils and nutritious foods, balances ecosystems and keeps pests in check[4] 


Actions: grow many different plants, feed soil life with compost, plant pollinator habitats


Plant Perennials (* + #)


Allows for multiple harvests from a single planting, protects garden from the elements, controls weeds[5] 


Actions: reduce disturbance of soil, plant trees, choose perennial grasses, shrubs, and herbs


Ditch the Chemicals (+ #)


Decreases pollution from production to run off, reduces input costs, ensures human safety[6] 


Actions: fertilize with compost, plant companion crops, use integrated pest management


Compost (* + #)


Repurposes waste, reduces methane (a greenhouse gas) from landfills, increases quality of soil and nutrition of foods[7] 


Actions: compost kitchen and yard wastes, apply compost as fertilizer, share with your neighbors


Integrate Crops and Animals (#)


Decreases pests and increases fertilization naturally[8] 


Actions: allow chickens, goats, and other small animals to forage for insects or eliminate weeds


Use People Power, Not Mechanization (#)


Reduces dependency on fuel, decreases emissions and costs[9] 


Actions: hand-pull weeds, rake instead of using blowers, choose push mowers over gas powered, bike to your garden or market


Rotate Plants and Crops (+ #)


Ensures balanced soil nutrients and keeps pests to a minimum, reducing chemical input use[10] 


Actions: choose different crops and new locations each season, consider nitrogen fixing plants


Get to Know My Garden (#)


Determines how water, inputs, and other management can be applied most efficiently[11] 


Actions: test soil for nutrients, monitor moisture, remove pests and diseased plants quickly


The strongest climate gardens will combine actions for these benefits: 

         * = pulls carbon from the air, where it contributes to climate change as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) 

         + = increases the ability of soil to store carbon that would otherwise be released in the air to form CO2 

         # = reduces greenhouse gas emissions from various parts of the food system—may include emissions from soils, landfills, transportations, and input production 


What are greenhouse gases?[1]  

Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. Some occur naturally, but human activity has increased their quantity to levels that cause climate change. 

Include: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) 







Climate Victory Garden Commitments