Be empowered to act on climate change! Decarbon is a simple app to help you lower your carbon footprint AND take broader community action. It's like Apple's Health app for carbon tracking.

Key things to know about Decarbon:

  • You set a carbon budget and reduce the impact over time by completing climate actions
  • Climate action "collabs" are hosted a different leader in the climate movement each month
  • 100% transparent - Open source carbon footprint database
  • 100% free (no ads or paywalls)

How Decarbon works:

  1. Link your bank (or use our estimator)
  2. Automatically track purchases
  3. Join collabs to take action and reduce emissions
  4. Offset unavoidable emissions with carbon credits

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Give a damn about climate change!

I started Decarbon because I'm... scared. The climate emergency feels more and more desperate, and for years I've struggled to understand both what my contribution to the problem is and what I can actually do about it.

Hopefully Decarbon will serve as a simple tool to help demystify those things for us. If understanding the climate impact of a purchase was just as easy as knowing it's price, if tracking everything was super easy, and if we all reduced our impact to within a sustainable amount, maybe we can start to turn this ship around. (I know that oil companies and governments bear the biggest responsibility, but that doesn't mean we should do nothing!)

Lastly, we're committed to keeping Decarbon completely free for everyone - no paywalls, ads, or selling your data.

Peace and love,


Why does Decarbon track CO2e?

Carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) is a standardized way to compare the total greenhouse gases embodied in our purchases. For example, even though burning gasoline when we drive our cars includes methane and nitrous oxide gases in addition to carbon dioxide, we can use CO2e as a total metric for it’s impact. Decarbon tracks CO2e to keep things simple and to help you easily compare the impact of your purchases apples-to-apples.

How does Decarbon calculate the CO2e impact of my purchases?

Tap the info icon on your purchase to see the exact calculation Decarbon made! The CO2e impact for your purchases is a simple multiplication of the purchase amount, the CO2e emissions factor (CO2e per $) of the purchase category, and any modifiers that you can apply to the purchase to make it more accurate.

What should my annual CO2e budget be?

It should be as low as humanly possible! The initial goal on Decarbon is 7 metric tons of CO2e per year, so you can start with that and then lower it as you begin to understand your impact. Ultimately, we need to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius, so your goal should be as low as possible to support that.

How does Decarbon connect to my bank?

Decarbon uses Plaid, a trusted third-party tool, to connect to your bank and get transaction information from your checking and credit card accounts. Plaid is used by Venmo, American Express, Coinbase, and others to manage their user’s bank connections.

What bank data does Decarbon have access to?

Once you connect a bank, Decarbon will have view-only access to the transactions of your associated checking and credit card accounts. Decarbon never has access to your bank login credentials, account numbers, or routing numbers. Decarbon can’t make any transactions on your accounts.

Will Decarbon work outside the USA?

You can use Decarbon anywhere, but the experience is currently optimized for individuals living in the United States.