Financial Advisor

This is the Vermont Office of Greenvest ® -- providing in-depth personal consulting on Socially Responsible Investing, plus the universe of socially responsible investments to support your beliefs. In our over 40 years of combined experience as SRI advisors, we have learned that more than anything people want a trustworthy personal consultant to make sense of it all — and of course to help them make the most rewarding decisions. That’s the Greenvest® difference. We take the time to really listen to your financial needs and social issues, then explain in plain English every concept so you feel truly comfortable in moving ahead. We help guide you to the right types of accounts to start — taxable, tax-advantaged or trust accounts — to maximize long-term returns. We create customized SRI portfolio(s) for your unique situation and beliefs. And we are available to you throughout the year to answer questions and monitor your investments. In a world of increasingly automated and impersonal investing, it’s nice to have a firm that still believes the personal touch is best. If you agree, let’s talk. Member, First Affirmative Financial Network.


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Securities offered through Vanderbilt Securities, LLC, member, FINRA, SIPC, registered with MSRB. Advisory Services offered through Vanderbilt Advisory Services, LLC. Clearing Agent: National Financial Services, LLC. Supervising Office: 55 Main St, Suite 415, Newmarket, NH 03857 (603) 659-7626.